When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

Prilon Speaks of Humanity’s Ascension Through Channel Suzanne Spooner

From My High Self on the Convergence of Timelines on 12/21/12, Gaia’s Birth

Channeled by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 1/26/12 January 26, 2012

Jan 26, 2012
Prilon, my High Self

[Hello Prilon!] Hi Suzy, I have stepped back into the heavenly dimensions so that you can concentrate on the matters at hand. [Yes, we had been working on the modules for the Ascension Class.] Yes but in your dimension of 3-D, things are changing very rapidly.
In your messages are coded frequencies that assist the readers to prepare for the convergence. [Can you explain to me about the convergence?] Yes, the convergence is the melding of timelines and this belief is what will occur on the date of 12/21/12. It will plunge the Earth into darkness for a period of 2-3 days. In this time the Earth’s axis will shift, the poles will move, Gaia will be born into a higher frequency and the inhabitants will ascend with her.
In this time of darkness, some who choose to leave their bodies will continue on in another 3-D reality. This experience in some cases will be very similar to the current Earth reality. It will be as if they have woken up from a long nap, to find everything pretty much the same. It is their wish to continue in this way.
Others will imagine themselves back in the frequency of heaven. These souls prefer to release their bodies to continue their paths.
Only those who wish to ascend with Gaia will awaken from the slumber and be in their bodies but with an evolutionary upgrade. This upgrade is how you will experience the higher fifth dimensions as Gaia’s first generation. In this experience, duality will be non-existent. There will be a group energy that will assist inhabitants to make decisions based on the greater good of all. Individuals will automatically make decisions that will support the whole, not the one. This will make life for everyone much easier. No more greed or corruption as it simply will not be able to co-exist with this frequency. A new system will be in place for assisting all aspects of daily life. This may take some time to get up and running, but this is seen as a few hours to days. Be certain all is well during this transition.
The planet is ready and this shift is supported by all levels of vibration. Give this message to the tribe first, then to the masses. The tribe, other channelers, speakers, voices of discontent are all trumpet blowers to this birth.

From Suzanne: The days of darkness may be metaphorical, literal, I have no idea. Also, I think this event is truly indescribable. I am sure this message and others like it are only scratching the surface!
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