When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

Debbie Dubois Opens What On Earth? Blogsite

2012 May 6
Posted by Steve Beckow

Debbie Dubois has opened her blog, What on Earth 2012 (whatonearth2012.com ).

Debbie has been a lightworker probably for longer than I and was a valued member of Galactic Roundtable and many other groups and projects.  She’s now thrown her hat into the ring and is doing a website plus videos.

When can we expect to see your blog? This week? That would be nice.


(Part 2 appears below)

WELCOME to What on Earth?

May 3, 2012


“Sifting through thousands of articles and other writings, watching videos and whistleblower testimony, listening to countless hours of audio interviews and radio programs, I have searched for truth. Comparing common denominators and then sorting that which resonates with me from that which does not, I now feel compelled to share what I’ve been learning as incredible and mind-boggling as it may be. For changes ara heading our way, and I can no longer stay silent.

“This site contains but a drop in the bucket of available information on current and future events published by back channel news sources, as well as esoteric information provided by an array of human Lightworkers. However, it is my hope that it will give you a whole host of resources to dig into if you so choose, and/or provide some guidance in surfing the transformational changes that are headed our way.

Click on New Sources and Esoteric Sources above for the most current articles and posts by these sources.

“Please join us and take from this site that which is helpful to you at this time and leave what is not. I look forward to sharing news and information with you that will make your journey as joyful and abundant in all good things as possible.



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