When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

John Smallman – Saul – For Eons You Have Lived In Fear Of One Another – 20 May 2012

In the spiritual realms we are watching with delight as you move ever closer to the moment of your most wondrous awakening.  The speed of its approach is quite astonishing as you continue to release judgment, blame, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness, and prepare yourselves to be once more beings only of Love, and all Its divinely propagated aspects, which bring harmony and joy to every situation.

As summer in the northern hemisphere develops into glorious fecundity, humanity is becoming increasingly aware of its own spiritual fecundity which is shortly to blossom into the most profound and visionary display of unconditional love for all of its many diverse and fascinating cultures.  Harmony of a kind never before experienced on your planet is about to envelop all of you as you learn to accept one another without reservation and without judgment of any sort.

The reality of your oneness, and consequential interrelatedness, is becoming ever more apparent to you as you allow yourselves to embrace with gratitude the divine field of Love that surrounds you, and as you let go of the mistrust and jealousy with which you have approached others for so long.  There is nothing to fear in one another!

And yet for eons you have lived in fear of one another, sometimes extreme fear, and have fought each another with thoughts, words, betrayal, and weapons in a desperate and misguided attempt to keep yourselves safe.  But safe from whom?  You are all one, so all of this weird behavior is directed only at yourselves.  No one wins, and all suffer.

At last this has become apparent to those who are prepared to open their eyes and see.  And those who have are spreading the word most effectively about the insanity of this way of living, and are now demonstrating a path of acceptance, tolerance, understanding, and love, and showing that it works.

There are still many who, at present, cannot or will not see the reason and sense in this way of living, but into their hearts a sense of longing is creeping.  It is a longing for love, and it has been with them since the moment of separation, because at that moment the experience of Love was lost to them as they moved into the illusion to play their games.  They had decided to see what life without the embrace of God’s divine Love would be like, and so they hid themselves from it.  It created an extreme shock because God’s Love is immortal and eternally alive, and in the illusion there was Death!  Something that in Reality was impossible to imagine, but which in their new state of amnesia seemed to be all-pervasive.  It was everywhere, threatening to absorb them into its nothingness.  It was truly terrifying.

Terror leads to terror, and you were all so terrified by the insane environment that you had built that you attempted to feel safe and keep yourselves safe by terrorizing others.  But it did not work because you set upon one another quite viciously in desperate attempts to remain alive while killing those who threatened you.  Always there were enemies who threatened you, who wished to take from you what you valued most – your lives, your loved ones, your possessions – and so you developed defenses that you hoped would make you impregnable, but to no avail.  Development followed development, each one apparently stronger and more secure than the previous one, and yet you were always being overcome. War, attack, and defense became the only way in which you could establish a sense of security, but it was only secure as long as you kept on improving its capabilities.  And here you are today still playing the same insane games, and still living in fear.

The only way out is to release your fear and embrace your enemies because you and they are one and the same.  Love begets Love.  Fear begets fear.  You are finally beginning to understand this, and as a result many are making a point of living lovingly and peacefully regardless of any provocations they may experience, and they are finding that it works.

God is Love.  You were created in Love, which is your nature as eternal beings, and Its nature is to share and extend Itself eternally, unconditionally, and indiscriminately.  You are becoming aware of this, which shows that the moment of your awakening is indeed drawing near.

With so very much love, Saul.

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