When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

Jack’s Third Message/The Rainbow Ray

In my first message, I released the energy of Abundance and a Matrix to dispel the fear of scarcity.  In my second message, I released the Holy Grail and the Divine Feminine, does it get any better than that?  Yes, my friends, it does.  And if that sounds a little egotistical, I will address that later.

In this message I will release more of the Divine Feminine Energy through the Rhinoceros as well as all of the Energy and Wisdom that she embodies of the Divine Feminine.   Remember that the Elephant, Rhinoceros and Lion are the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine, on land.

Invite the Energy of the Rhinoceros to be with you as you read my message…

The Rhinoceros is the link to the Scrolls of Knowledge.  She embodies all of the knowledge that is contained within the Scrolls and by reading this message you will begin to remember your own Ancient Wisdom through the portion of the Divine Feminine that she imparts by allowing dormant parts of your DNA to be awakened.  The energy of the Rhinoceros will begin to awaken 22 strands of DNA within your being.  Many have mentioned 12 strands of DNA which is what has been awakened within the human “front liners” whom have assisted humanity in attaining her current heights.  However, by awakening all 22 strands it will elevate your being even more and assist you on your path towards Ascension by remembering your Truth by allowing you to access inter-dimensional gateways, the Universal Consciousness, and your Higher Self.  When this occurs, it breaks your being free from the collective energy that has enveloped humanity almost since her inception.  The healing ray I offer is the Rainbow Ray, but more on that later…

So I’ve given away all the substantive information up front but there is more to come in this message.  I am going to take a short diversion to discuss matrices and healing embedded within text, music, art, and sound.

It has been found that contained within the Bible and many other ancient religious texts are prophetic matrices.  Specific messages can be found within the texts which provide divinatory information and this is referred to as the Bible Code.   Naysayers have tried to refute this discovery by countering that matrices can be found within Moby Dick and other such great works of literature.  Little did they know that in their egotistical attempt to disprove this revelation they were in fact confirming it.  Matrices of healing and/or divination are contained within all written text, music, art, and sound that originate from a Higher Source.   Leonardo Di Vinci realized this as he had a strong connection to the Universal Consciousness and this explains his farsighted inventions and creations.  Although his true brilliance is appreciated by some, soon the magnitude of the prophecy contained within his works will begin to be understood by many.

Have you ever read a book, listened to music, or studied a painting that touched your heart, allowed you to release emotion, stirred a nostalgic thought or feeling within you, or just simply conjured a new perspective?   This is the power that exists within all creative avenues that stems from a connection to the Universal Consciousness thru the Higher Self.   These are but a taste of the gifts of freedom, healing, and divination that are being offered and once you awaken to these joys you will begin to awaken to the myriad of others that are available to you.

The healing power of sound and music that comes from the Universal Consciousness via the Higher Self has finally been discovered by humanity but it has merely scratched the surface of its curative possibilities.  The reason I mention this to help you understand that all text, music, sound, art, or anything that is created as a result of a connection to the Universal Consciousness via the Higher Self has healing and/or divinatory qualities.  During a meditative period you can ask to receive the sounds, tones, and words that you need for healing and then just allow them to be released through your voice.  You may find this to be very healing and enlightening as it is a simple but powerful exercise.

Being in a balanced state to receive information from the Higher Self is analogous to the creative flow.  If one is in the flow then they are receiving an artistic influx from their Higher Selves which is their connection to their Truth contained within the Universal Consciousness.  Unfortunately, many who express themselves through their creative self have not been able to balance both sides of their brain and periodically operate in an unbalanced state which causes them to easily become overwhelmed by emotion that is negatively fueled by their ego.

Ahh, the ego…

So much has been spoken and written about this elusive entity.  It has been portrayed as an evil thing that needs to be destroyed or controlled by the conscious mind as it only brings misery and pain. That is somewhat true as the ego is a natural part of humanity that was put in place by the dark entities for one simple purpose:  to control it’s Collective.  However, in doing so, they also implanted a way for the individual to connect to their own individual Truth and the Universal Consciousness.  This by-product was not foreseen as the darkness simply thought they could use the ego to control the Collective through fear and emotion.  Because the ego absorbs all the fear and trauma that a soul is subjected to lifetime after lifetime it is through the ego the darkness speaks using all the effects that have ever occurred in your lineage to keep you within its grip.  This is why each individual has the same core issues that negatively affect each and every one of you no matter where you reside on the planet.   “I don’t have enough, I am undeserving, I am unloved, I hate myself”, and so on.  The ego can crush you in a moment by screaming in your ear how inadequate you are, or it can artificially inflate you by telling you how wonderful you are all the while you are really living in an illusion.   However, with that being said, please do not view the ego as something that needs to be controlled. Instead, view it as something that is incredibly valuable but very tarnished and needs to be cleansed.  While the ego can subjugate you into oblivion in a moment, it is also the key which allows you to break free of the Collective Unconsciousness.

Your ego is what makes you an individual and allows you to access Your Truth.  Your Truth is your individual key that connects you to your information that is held within the Universal Consciousness that is accessible through your Higher Self.  Again, your ego is what makes you an individual; it allows you to access the gifts that have been set aside just for you to use in this lifetime.  This sounds egotistical, yes?  But it’s not.  It’s individuality.  One of the wonderful things about being human is your individuality. The problem is that although this is supported in theory it is not maintained in practice.  Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine!  Others may criticize you but that is simply because they are operating from their own ego and you should not let this bother you.  In fact, you should take it as validation that you are on the right path.  If you follow your own path and can elevate yourself above such condemnation this means that you are supporting your own individuality and only those who feel threatened by it will protest.  Turn a blind eye to these naysayers and instead focus on those who will support you.

What is Your Truth?  This is the information that is yours, a little pot of gold that was set aside just for you before incarnating into this lifetime.  A personal bank account if you will.  Your Truth also allows you access to all the other information that is stored within the Universal Library also known as the Akashic Records.  In order to receive a consistent and pure stream from these sources the ego must be cleansed.  This is to ensure the removal of the negative programming and negative implants that have been incorporated into your being to prevent a clean and strong connection.   If one is able to connect to their Truth and the Universal Consciousness without an ample cleansing of the ego, the ego may taint any information received.  This does not mean that one cannot receive information from their higher selves without a completely cleansed ego, it just means that the cleaner the ego, the purer the information and the more consistent the flow.

Many, including me, have spoken of Ascension, but what is it exactly?  Simplistically, it is an uninterrupted stream of magnificence that results from a cleansed ego.  A constant connection to your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness that allows you to consistently access your own Truth, Healing, Wisdom, and Abundance.  This results in an almost constant state of joy, peace, and health that is not currently realized by most of you.  Imagine receiving a constant stream of joy and wisdom and in doing so allows you to connect to all the other beings that are in the same stream.  As you all gather together in this wonderful state, you elevate all of the souls around you and connected to you, seen and unseen.

Now, let’s cleanse that ego of all that hinders your connection to your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness…

The Healing Ray I am sending will help you to cleanse your ego of all that hinders your ability to connect to your Higher Self in a true and valid way.  As the ego has tentacles in all of the energy centers, this healing ray is “rainbow” in color.  Back, gold, silver, white, yellow, red, emerald green, mint green, blue, ice blue, orange, red, violet, purple, indigo, and so forth, far too many colors to mention. Feel it, see it, know it, sense it, streaming into your being as it melts away all of the negative implants and negative programming that you have graciously accepted by those who have tried to thwart your progress and squelch your individuality.  Allow this energy to penetrate your entire being and lineage past, present and future, throughout all layers and levels of time and space and throughout all dimensions.  Keep the Rainbow Ray in your consciousness and allow it to stream through you consistently.  As the ego is multidimensional and has had many lifetimes to build up resistance, it will take some time to clear it completely.  If this energy evokes emotions or memories, let them pass through you unabated.  This energy works very subtly and you can have it streaming to you nonstop as you can’t over cleanse the ego; when it’s done, it’s done.  This ray is intended to heal not only you but all of those that are in your lineage past, present, and future.  It works at the molecular level by restructuring, cleansing, and awakening your DNA.

Now onto the Rhinoceros…

She is an amazing energy.  She has protection in the form of armor and little can penetrate her shield. She has power that she rarely needs to demonstrate but it is always there should she need to access it.  But the most wonderful thing of all that she holds is the Ancient Wisdom and she allows you the opportunity to know your own Wisdom.  She is the key to access your own individual knowledge and along with the Rainbow Ray and the cleansing of the ego, this will allow you to penetrate the veil and reveal unto yourself what is your own Truth.  The Rhinoceros to which I refer has two horns: One between the eyes and one protruding from the nose.  The horn between the eyes is symbolic of the connection to the Scrolls of Knowledge and Universal Consciousness; it is analogous to the third eye.  The horn protruding from the nose allows one to break free from the Collective Illusion by using your sense of smell to discern your own Truth.

This will allow you to break the bonds of the collective.  The ego has had many lifetimes to impregnate its darkness into your being and it will take persistence and perseverance to completely cleanse it from your being.  It is hard to say how long it will take to completely cleanse your ego, but don’t give up as it is your true independence that is at stake.  You can stream all of my matrices and healing rays at once as the more you heal, the more room you have to receive healing and it can’t be overdone.  Your Higher Self will not allow you to receive more than you can handle.

As your ego begins to be cleansed you will realize how others are operating from their own ego.  This elevated viewpoint will allow you to recognize your growth and see the ego that others project. You will then be able to use this new found perspective as a tool of discernment and not a gavel of judgment.

It is my hope that through my messages and healing you will soon reach a point where you can consistently access your own truth and not have to rely on anyone else’s, including mine, in order to validate your purpose, your truth, your knowledge, and reason for being here on Earth at this time.  It is my intent to help you realize that Healing, Abundance, Wisdom, and Truth are available to all and are no longer reserved for a select few.  I offer myself as training wheels until you are able to fly on your own!

A wonderful being named Cat Kresge-Breneman has  captured the Rainbow Ray and placed it on YouTube.  Below is the link to view it.  I have impregnated the energy of the Rainbow Ray within this presentation so as you view it, the energy will be working with you.  Enjoy, and many thanks to Cat!


Jack’s tips for success:

Invite the Rhinoceros to be with you as you stream the Rainbow Ray during meditation.

You can invoke these energies during down time such as watching TV or reading.

You can also invoke the energies while preparing for sleep and intend that it be with you while you rest.

You can also summon all of the energies I have released and have them all flow to you during mediation or slumber.  Remember that there is a safety valve built in and you can’t overdo it, so for those of you who are overachievers, this will keep you busy!

I feel the wonderful things that are occurring as a result of all of your effort and for that Jean and I Thank you immeasurably!

Happy Easter My Friends,

Many Thanks and Many Blessings

Jack and Jean


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