When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

This is a post from Jean Rockefeller/Jack’s Corner…remember Jack said: 
My sister in arms, Too-Lah, will soon be sharing her remembrances.

Well here she is…enjoy!



Too-Lah’s Message

My name is Too-Lah, and I am an Atlantean. I have had multiple incarnations as a human and each incarnation was to serve one purpose: to guard and protect the Divine Feminine Energy at all cost.  Jack is also one of the souls that have been guarding the Energy and he has been granted permission to begin releasing it.  There are many who have proclaimed that they have the ability to share this Energy but that is unlikely as until now, only a very select few could.  That is because the Energy has been kept hidden simply because it was not safe for it to be revealed.  The dark forces that have controlled the Earth for thousands of years would have taken the energy and used it for their own gain unleashing a cataclysm upon the Earth.  In fact, they created cataclysms, started wars, and planted antichrists upon the Earth in order to find this Energy (more on these antichrist characters in upcoming messages).  Fortunately none of their attempts were successful.  I am to reveal the truth about this Energy, its importance and the impact its absence has had on humankind.  I have been waiting for so long to reveal my secrets and I can tell you that it was worth the wait…

The Earth was once a playground for many peaceful Alien species.  This is due primarily to the Earths accessibility.   The Earth is easily reached from many galaxies as many multidimensional gateways exist within the solar system.  In addition, The Earth has incredible beauty and diversity that cannot be found anywhere else in the galaxy.  Highly Evolved, Peaceful Aliens would frequently come to Earth to rest and vacation.  The Lemurians were among the original inhabitants of the Earth as they liked it so much that they decided to stay a build a community.

This was the time when The Divine Feminine was in perfect balance with the Divine Masculine and all was perfect upon the Earth. The Lemurians lived in harmony with both of these energies and lived a life of pure utopia.  Everything was wonderful, Everything was in perfect harmony, and Everything was in perfect balance. Then beings from another world came to Earth and everything changed.  These dark beings were devoid of emotion and saw the Earth and all of Her grandeur as a playground with which they could experiment.   They wanted slaves to fuel their insatiable appetite for negative emotion, so they altered the humanoids that were present on Earth by experimenting with their DNA and interbreeding with them.  Each time they did this, the humanoids took evolutionary quantum leaps, and if the dark forces did not like the results they simply wiped most of them out and started over.  All of the Mass Extinctions in Earth’s history were caused by these dark entities. The extensive habitats and sheer numbers of the dinosaurs would not permit the humanoids to populate in significant numbers so of course, they had to be destroyed.

By far the worst thing they did was to instill the most powerful negative energy of all,fear.  Fear was not present on Earth before they came and its introduction created a decline of all that was harmonious on Earth.  These dark entities, being devoid of emotional bodies saw Earth as a vessel to fuel their dark desire for emotion and power.  Fear was the only weapon they needed and they have wielded it mercilessly.  War, plagues, and the like created a tremendous amount of negative emotion and they drank it like water.   They kept their humanoids subservient by instilling a flock mentality which prevented any of them from being truly awake.  If one was born awake, they would certainly be discovered by the flock and be terminated as they were seen as a threat to the fearful sleepwalking collective.  The concept of “This is all an illusion” is the truth as the dark entities created all of this “illusion” through the fear that they continually perpetuate.  Soon, however, all of you will wake up and know the truth as it really is and if you are reading these words you are either on your way to being completely awake or already are.

These experimentations and destructions on Planet Earth were granted by the God of Creation that oversees Planet Earth. There are multiple Gods of Creation and there is the Grand Creator-The Overseer of All.  The Creator God that oversees the Earth, granted permission that allowed the dark entities to instill fear unto Earth as to instill fear would create Chaos and Chaos has to return to a balanced state as this is a Universal Law.  This creation of Chaos and its eventual balance would in time serve to elevate all beings that are connected to the Earth.  To ensure that balance would return at the proper time, a “hands off” order was mandated by the God of Creation for the Earth. This “hands off” meant that no interference on a mass scale could be offered to the Earth.  Believe me, many benevolent beings were planted on Earth to help steer Her and guide Her but nothing like the scale of help she has now.

In the past, there have been many celestial wars that have taken place in order to overtake the Earth but these attempts were thwarted time and time again by the dark energies that reigned as their grip on the planet was too strong.    There was too much fear and illusion that blanketed the planet and it held like iron as nothing could loosen its grip, until now.  That “hands off’ order was lifted during the time of the Revolutionary War and since then, benevolent beings have begun to eradicate and interfere with the plans of the dark entities.   It was vital to the Ascension process that the United States be born and remain intact, that is why so much help began to trickle in at that time.

Now that the negativity that has encompassed this planet for thousands of years begins to wane, many souls are beginning to Awaken.   As this occurs, many will Awaken confused, disoriented, and unwilling to accept the truth as dogmas that have been in place for centuries for the sole purpose of keeping the flock in check will be revealed as lies.   The truth about religions, God, and benevolent beings from other worlds inhabiting and helping the Earth will literally crush many weaker souls.  Unable to accept the truth, they will succumb to the fear and return to the light.  On the other hand, many will embrace this “Awakening” with a huge sigh of relief as vindication permeates their beings as they have always known the truth within their souls and now it is becoming a reality.

The Chaos created by the darkness will permit Earth to return to balance at the perfect time in order to perpetuate the elevation of All that is in the Her vicinity of at the time of Her Ascension.  In summary, not only is humanity and all the beings that dwell upon Her Ascending, Earth is Ascending as well as all beings that have an association with Earth.

That is why it is so crucial at this time to participate in the Ascension process and why so many have “Awakened” and heeded the call to join in.  If you are readings these words then know that you are playing a vital role in the Ascension process!  I know your life has been difficult, and you have felt disconnected from all of humanity and her stupid ways as you have no understanding as to why humans behave as they do.  But understand, YOU have been placed here on Earth at this time in order to assist Earth and all of the beings who are depending on her to Ascend.   Pat yourself on the back and applaud your tenacious spirit and unending quest for the TRUTH as you are assisting in ways that are most likely incomprehensible to you at this time.

Recently the dark entities have made several attempts to start World War III and this simply will not be permitted.  The God of Creation that oversees Earth has mandated that now that the Ascension is gaining momentum and is occurring; many benevolent beings from many worlds are now able to assist humanity in greater capacity. Miracles have occurred to stop the darkness from beginning yet another war to feed their insatiable appetite for fear, money, and power. It is vital at this time that you do not feed the fear that is perpetuating around the Globe. The darkness has begun to lift as many have already begun to Ascend and in doing do has increased the frequency of the entire planet and beyond.   The beings who have perpetuated the fear and until now, controlled everything on this planet, are no longer in position to bargain.  They will be forced to resign their positions, run or be exposed.  Many are going to be exposed soon, and this is going to be so delicious to watch for the Awakened ones!

Many have speculated that dark times will come, but I disagree.  It is my assertion that for those who are elevating in frequency can easily see through the illusion of fear and watch from the treetops as the idiots on the ground throw coconuts at each other.   If you are able to do this then you have already begun to Ascend and that energy, once begun, is almost impossible to stop.  You may vacillate back and forth somewhat but know that you will once again return to the treetop.  Being in this elevated state prevents the darkness from penetrating your being. Believe and know that if a difficult global situation that arises, those in an elevated state will be given the information necessary to ride it out.  If you are reading these words then know that you already Ascending and the information you need to proceed without interference will be presented to you.

Back to the History lesson…

The darkness began to infiltrate this planet during the time of the Atlanteans.  The Lemurians vibrated at a higher frequency than the Atlanteans and when they sensed the darkness coming, they left the planet and returned to their homelands.

As the darkness began to permeate and experiment on the Humanoid beings that inhabited the Earth at the time, this negative energy began to spill over into Atlantean society.  Many Atlanteans were easily swayed by the dark energy as they had spent so much time on Earth that they no longer had immunity to the dark forces. Many just went to sleep and fell under the spell of the flock energy that was being created by the darkness.  Greed, jealousy, envy and anger were then born from the fear thus creating a rift among the Atlanteans which ultimately split them in to two groups, the Land Walkers and The Underwater Dwellers.   The Underwater Dwellers were able to severe any ties to the surface and thusly were able to separate themselves from all the darkness that has inhabited the Earth for thousands of years.  They have evolved into a highly advanced society that has not been affected by the dark forces that have plagued the surface for thousands of years.  They are still present on Earth and will not permit themselves to found until a time when they will be welcomed and not feared.

As I previously stated, The Divine Feminine Energy was once calibrated to perfection with the Divine Masculine.   As the darkness infiltrated humanity, this balance was distorted and eventually broken.  The Divine Feminine Energy began to gain strength as her balancing energy, the Divine Masculine, was beginning to fade and become perverted.  Fearing the The Divine Feminine Energy would fall into the wrong hands, it was placed within the Ark of the Covenant.  The Ark is a gold fortified container that blocks and shields the energy and is still hidden to this day.

A few greedy Land Walkers wanted the Energy for themselves so they stole the Ark and opened it.  In doing so, they unleashed incomprehensible destruction upon all of Atlantis.   The Energy concussed through the ocean with unimaginable force and sank all of the Land Walker settlements and destroyed many of the Underwater Dweller settlements as well.  This event led to the complete and permanent division between the Atlanteans.

When it became clear that the Land Walkers were on a path of self-destruction, some Underwater Dwellers feared that all of humanity and all of the beauty that was on the Earth would be lost.  I was an Underwater Dweller that was in charge of guarding the Energy and when it became clear that it was in true danger I chose to surface in order to protect Her at all costs.   I collected all of The Divine Feminine Energy, Her Wisdom and her power, created the Scrolls of Knowledge and have served as Her guardian since that time.

I did not do this alone as there were many guardians of the Divine Feminine Energy who assisted in the creation of the Scrolls of Knowledge.  This Knowledge and Energy was encoded within our DNA and has been passed down through our lineage.  When, at the time of Ascension, new DNA would be discovered and the keys to unlock it would herald our souls awakening and allow us to remember and share our Knowledge and Energy at the time of Ascension.  It is now time that the souls that hold this Knowledge and Energy are awakening and these gifts are now ready to be shared with Humanity.

This is just a taste of my story.  I will be releasing more information as Jean and I remember it.

Thank you for reading my words and I hope they inspire you to continue on your journey!

“Til next time,

Many Blessings,

Too-Lah and Jean


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