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Drake – Voting Update – Vote Below If You Haven’t – 9 June 2012

This is the update posted on Facebook…For those who have not voted yet, you can vote at Soldier Hugs…


I was just contacted by GVN with a message from Drake regarding the Vote Polling and its data. I was asked to post this announcement relaying that the original Lady Dragon Poll has been tabulated and is now closed for the purpose of obtaining the initial “Sampling” of votes.

I was informed that the Lady Dragon sample indicated approximately 94% in favor of the Conditions listed for that Poll. I was asked to relay to the people here that Drake has requested that the SoldierHugs Poll remain open and aggregating votes for longer tabulated sample to be collected sometime Tuesday.

As such, please continue to share and vote on the SoldierHugs Poll if you have not already. Additionally, I am pasting some location demographics from Google Analytics for the SoldierHugs site as of this morning just in case folks would like to see how its going. Very interestingly, Canada was the 2nd largest demographic behind the uS. As of this morning Japan is #2 with nearly 4 times the numbers of Canada. Thank you to all…
Country/Territory Visits Pages / Visit Avg. Visit Duration % New Visits
1. United States 5,254 2.30 00:03:20 76.08%
2. Japan 1,757 1.65 00:02:10 80.08%
3. Canada 554 2.11 00:03:10 79.06%
4. United Kingdom 245 1.96 00:02:45 82.45%
5. Australia 199 2.55 00:03:20 76.38%
6. Italy 129 2.02 00:11:03 81.40%
7. Netherlands 99 1.68 00:02:03 84.85%
8. (not set) 91 2.05 00:07:30 54.95%
9. Germany 86 2.41 00:03:40 74.42%
10. Romania 85 1.59 00:02:06 95.29%




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