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Jean Haines Closes Her Site … For a While

2012 June 30
Posted by Steve Beckow

Jean Haines, who has given the 2012 community such excellent and broad news coverage since opening her blogsite in March 2011, is closing her site for an indeterminate time due to physical pain.  Jean, you will be sorely missed. I don’t know any other site that covered the range of stories that you did with such skill. Get well soon.

An Announcement from ~Jean, June 30, 2012

Jean Haines, 2012: What’s the Real Truth?, June 30, 2012


Friends and Family,

I have not really shared with you the depth of physical pain I have been suffering as a result of the incoming energies. Unfortunately, Western medicine really screwed me in this regard, and so I must suffer because of my extraordinary sensitivity to energy. Perhaps all this blocked me from seeing things clearly.

In a frantic moment of pain this afternoon, I took my dogs and went to the lake, where at least my connection with Mother Earth gave me some relief and helped me decide some things about going forward. My Guides, however, have told me there is nothing I can do for this pain and not even my merkaba can protect me from it. I must simply try to hang on until we are through whatever we must go through.

As my head cleared a bit I learned that I must stay outside, connected to Mother Earth as much as possible, even to sleeping outside if necessary. The energies on my blog are now upsetting, so until we make it through this Shift, I will not be publishing anymore. Hopefully, we are only talking a very few days. Shutting down my blog is my contribution to Mother Earth’s birthing efforts. It may also help to invite us all ‘to look ‘inside’ instead ourselves instead of outside.

If I can get myself together at all, I’ll hope to start to paint a bit again.

What I discovered as my agitated body settled down a bit is that we are, indeed, into the Shift, but I do not know if it will be anything like Drunvalo’s generic Shift, which is all I know. (1) It might be better, and it might be worse. The fact is that we are creating this Shift. To say that this is not happening the way we were told it would happen makes no sense – not if we step to the line to realize we are creating it.

Soon, people will be unable to avoid the truth of the insanity. Until we begin to get it right, the physical calamities will continue to increase in size. We even have the choice not to get it, but I doubt we will succumb. Perhaps, also, as the Earth begins her cleansing and the ride starts to get a bit rough – as the oceans rise and fall, as new lands appear and old ones disappear (I think it has been prophesied that Atlantis will appear again) – and so on, we will be willing to wake up, get out of our brains, and into our hearts. Remember, though, it is going to be our choice. We will create the outcome – not for Mother Earth, I think, but for what happens to the human species here.

To me, Creator is calling us now to engage in a very serious business.

This, I think, was never about ‘outside’ preparation, but always about the preparation of our souls for what is to come. I beg you to stop trying to figure this thing out. As soon as it became a bit more complex this morning, with another ingredient thrown into the mix, anger became a part of the mix. Why are you angry? I don’t know, but perhaps it is because the complexity is getting beyond you, which, I think, is exactly what is intended. It’s all intended to make us lose control through our minds and enter into our hearts, where trying to remain in control isn’t necessary. So far, it’s pretty clear to me that we have not yet done that. Our minds are still trying to figure it out.

So, with these words and with lots of love I bid you farewell for a little while – and I’m already looking forward to visiting with you again on the other side after the Shift. Right now, I suggest meditation, meditation, meditation. You have some other tools to keep yourselves centered, because I have tried my best to give them to you. Use them! Find your own inner peace!

I love you and will always continue to love you, every single one of you! I am lucky, because as I see it you are all a part of my soul family. I wonder how many people are fortunate enough to have such a large family!

Go well, and make every effort to fulfill your purpose here.

Love and hugs,

PS I added a photo of one of my favorite paintings. To me, it is heaven on earth, waiting for us to bring it into being. It was entirely intuitive. When I started out with it, I had not a clue where it was going. I hope you like it. It is my gift to you! Please, may I suggest that if possible don’t try to make ‘sense’ of it in your minds. Just enjoy the colors, the shapes, the feelings you get from it. If you can’t do that, though, that’s okay, too. :) ~J


(1) Jean follows Drunvalo’s assertion that we will be facing a pole shift and three days of darkness. I personally don’t follow that line of inquiry, but I honor Jean’s viewpoint.


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