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Fran Zepeda – An Inspirational Journey – on The Light Agenda

2012 July 3 12:12 pm
Posted by Stephen Cook

Fran Zepeda – An Inspirational Journey – on The Light Agenda – Presented by Stephen Cook

Wednesday, July 4
6pm (PDT, USA)
/ 9pm (EDT)

Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.


Channeller and healer Fran Zepeda’s life story is one of confidence finally triumphing over fear, abuse, chronic illness, injury, learning disabilities and low self-esteem.

But it’s a life that has seen Fran, who channels Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Yeshua, Sananda, Mother Mary and Mira the Pleaidian – all of whom we regularly publish here – being able to assist and help many of us because of her own light agenda.

As you’ll hear in this, at times, emotionally-vulnerable interview, Fran has faced an extraordinary amount of trauma in one life. Yet her’s is a story with a wondrous and enlightening evolution which has only served to strengthen this engaging  mother-of two’s spiritual resolve.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Fran was channelling for her friends at school – even though she didn’t know it! – and was voted the shyest girl in class. She says she still is.

Incredibly, Fran only found the personal confidence and aptitude needed to share her messages publicly- as she had been asked to do by Archangel Michael – less than a year ago. And, amazingly, it was through coming to this site that she was led further along her personal path to sharing her gift with others.

But to get to the place she now feels comfortable in, Fran has had to endure more hardships than most: from suffering ADHD and dyslexia; to being hospitalised after a serious car accident – which required two year’s of therapy; only to be tragically re-hospitalised shortly after recovering from that incident, when a violent former husband threw her across the room, literally.

Yet, it is these same challenging life experiences that Fran feels have allowed to be able to help so many – via her many years in alternative medicine and now through her own healing practice, Fran Healing (www.franhealing.com) and, of course, her channelled messages which she posts frequently on her personal blog (www.franheal.wordpress.com).

In a gentle.winding interview, you learn about the different energies of each of the Ascended Masters, higher beings and Galactics Fran has encountered throughout her life, and now during her working week. You’ll hear about her ET experiences –  including one on a rock ledge on Bell Rock in Sedona, the four-vortex city of light in the USA.

You’ll also find out what Fran has been told life after Ascension will be like.

Fran Zepeda’s story is slightly unnerving yet totally uplifting at the same time. It is frank and inspiring.

I can only thank her for her candidness. And I think you will,  too, when you listen to her remarkable life story.

PLUS – You’ll discover the true meaning John Lennon’s immortal hit “Imagine” has for Fran.

Tune in to Fran Zepeda’s truly inspirational life journey on  The Light Agenda on InLIght Radio this week.



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