When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!



Hello Everyone and Welcome!

This is Jean and I wanted to add a little preamble to Jack’s message.

I was wondering why Jack had not given me any words as he had been so regimented in releasing his messages on the first Sunday of the month.   I was asking him about the powerful energies that were converging with the full moon, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse and Venus passing between the Earth and Sun, but he offered me nothing.  When I visit him, I will verbally ask him questions and he will nod his head for “yes”, grind his teeth and pin his ears for a very strong “no” or simply walk away if I think something is important and he knows it isn’t.  I felt that something big was happening but I couldn’t get any answers out of him, which frustrated me.  I have found that frequently Jack allows me to figure things out on my own which only solidifies my revelations and I realized over the last month that he was integrating a lot of energy as was I.  The information and energy contained in this message was very powerful for me, as was all of the celestial energy that was integrated into the Earth over the last 2 months and it took me a while just to swallow all of it.  For the remainder of the year, a lot of energy is going to continue to be poured into the Earth and I have asked Jack to stay more connected and release information between blog posts and he has agreed.  I release these mini messages to those on my contact list, Yahoo group and on his Facebook page.

This message incorporates energies from 3 other Watchers in addition to what Jack is adding.   The cat, Valentine lives with me as did Sierra until her physical passing last year.  Rio, on the other hand, belongs to a woman named Karen who lives in Minnesota.  When Karen joined Jack’s Yahoo group, I sent her a welcome message and she in turn sent me a picture of her horse Rio.  When I viewed his picture I immediately felt something stir within me as I could feel my heart being pried open and then the tears came,   I knew then that he was something special.  I could feel Rio’s energy with me and as my heart began to ache and I realized that he had powerful energy that most likely was meant to be shared.  That night he and Jack began speaking to me and they bothered me so much I had to tell them both to leave me alone because I had to go to sleep!  The next day I went to see Jack to get a “verbal” verification about Rio and when I asked Jack if he knew Rio he actually bowed, which took me completely by surprise and I knew then that Rio was the real deal.   I then asked Jack if I was to add Rio words in his next message and he gave me an enthusiastic head nod “yes”.

Now onto Jack…

The energies contained in this message are meant to further support the heart energy that has now been anchored into the Earth.

This post is going to be a little different as I will be turning the reins over to 3 fellow Watchers.  They each have healing and wisdom to offer and together this trio will help you open your heart; invite the energies of forgiveness thus opening you to receive the energy self- love that many of you are starving for.  This message will further reinforce the healing that Too-Lah shared in her message.  As you are working to release the deep seated Cords of Duality, this process will be further supported by the energies offered in this post.   This message is also a lot longer than my previous ones as it will take longer to completely fortify all of these energies within you so forgive me if there are some redundancies.

To begin with, I believe that the true root of all evil for humanity is the inability to love one’s self with authenticity and without ego.  Unfortunately the inability to love one’s self permeates throughout the entire human race and is one of the main tethers that help keep Her anchored to the 3rd dimension.  This may be something that dwells at the deepest depth of your being and may not even be aware that it exists but if it does, the energies contained within this message will help you uncover the Truth that lies within.  As we are quickly approaching the “Days of Light”, karmic debt” is being forgiven for many thus allowing healing to occur at levels that most were unable to reach even a few years ago.    Many of you are growing by the minute and that expansion will continue. Your bodies may struggle with the expansion but you can ask that your body receive the support it needs to stay balanced as you grow.  It’s best to ask this to be done while you sleep so before bed say this simple intention, “Please provide my body with the upgrades it needs to comfortably integrate new frequencies.” This won’t alleviate all of your aches, pains and lethargy but it will help.

As you read the words in this message you are also receiving a “download” that will further fortify your personal power through the Divine Feminine that has been released.  This download will enter through the top of your head and settle throughout your entire body.  Its purpose is to open the energy channels that exist within you to assist in maintaining balance as your power moves up into your heart. Once your power is in alignment with your heart center you can then easily manifest your hearts desires and what you need to succeed almost magically appears in your path.

There has been so much talk about disclosure and its constant delay but I am here to tell you that the delay is over. In fact, disclosure has been on-going for some time only it has been released in small increments. It takes time to integrate new Knowledge and Truths and it would be detrimental to release them all at once.  As humanity consumes more and more energy of Truth, larger amounts can be revealed.  My role in the disclosure process began when I released my first message and introduced the concept of an animal having the ability to release healing and wisdom.    Before revelations can come in earnest the fields must be tilled.  I have been preparing the soil with each of my messages and my goal has been to have you see all life through clearer eyes.  That is why I am giving my perspective to hopefully enable you to see animals in a truer light as this is also part of the disclosure process. Disclosure, like healing, is a process and not an event and we all must be opened slowly and consistently in order to fully digest all of the Truths as they emerge.

All the animals who live at my farm are Watchers and we in combination with the aware humans makes for a truly wonderful place.   Other Watchers who would have died if they were anywhere else miraculously find their way to my farm in order to be healed so they can leave and continue doing their job somewhere else. Some horses come and only stay for a short time, this is so they can receive the energy upgrades they need before moving to other places to continue to support the Ascension process.  Many horses from a local race track come here to heal and rest.  This is so they can be cleansed and returned back into an environment where they can help raise the frequency of those around them.  Since most of the humans around me are aware that I am aware, I can communicate with them to make certain they do their job, and I make certain the horses and other animals do theirs.  I am a coordinator as I am in contact with all Watchers on Earth and a liaison between them and the benevolent beings that are currently assisting with Earth’s Ascension.  I am able to gather energy from a myriad of sources and funnel it through the energy of “Jack”.  Many of you have called upon me for assistance and immediately feel my energy but I am merely the liaison or Avatar, bringing you the energy that you need from the energies that work with you.

I communicate with the humans around me mostly through behavior and voice.  If I need to draw attention to something I will act out in such a fashion that no human of sound mind could ignore me.  As Jean mentioned, I will use body language to answer questions.  It is difficult for a horse to nod their head up and down in a controlled way, but I practiced for a long time to enable my neck to make this motion easily and Jean and many humans at my farm make good use of my ability. The humans will ask me mundane questions such as, “who broke the fence?” or “who bit so and so.?”  I find this incredibly humorous and sometimes I answer and sometimes I don’t.  If humans are having a conversation and I can hear them, I will frequently join in with head nods at the appropriate time which makes the humans laugh and this makes me feel joyous.    I do toy with them as it I find it amusing that they find me amusing but it brings me incredible joy to see them laugh unconditionally.

Because animals cannot “speak” with words we are forced to communicate through our behavior.  If something is wrong in our view, we let you know by barking, meowing, relieving ourselves where we know we shouldn’t, or just acting out. This is all we have to let you know that a ghost is in the house, we don’t like the new food you are giving us, we don’t have enough litter boxes, and we need more interaction, more exercise, or medical attention.  We constantly try to communicate with you and once in a while our thought projections sneak through into your brains but most of the time these transmissions fall on deaf ears.  Stop and think for a moment how frustrating this is for us. Humans immediately think we are misbehaving just to make your lives more difficult when in reality we are making a desperate attempt to communicate to you that something is wrong and you need to fix it. I ask that instead of viewing your animals annoying behaviors as a personal assault on you, ask yourself what could be wrong and why are they acting out.  I can just about guarantee if you pay attention and ask your animals what they are trying to tell you and you open your heart and your mind, the answer will come.   Keep in mind that a domesticated animal that is in your care relies on you to fulfill all of their needs, if they are not happy ask yourself, “What can I do to remedy the situation?”
Now onto Valentine…


My name is Valentine but Jean calls me Very Handsome and you will understand in a moment why Valentine is a more appropriate name.   Jean found me on Valentine’s Day when I just 4 weeks old and was able to catch me and bring me into her home where I have lived for the last 6 years.    The energy I am imparting will help your heart to gently open and it is emerald green in color. Take a moment and feel it entering your being…

Towards the End of February 2011, energy began to flow into the Earth that encouraged the heart center to open for all who inhabit Her and beyond.  This energy has been working for over a year in order to tease open the heart chakra to allow Heart energy to be anchored within the Earth and all of Her children. The heart energy was solidified last month with the convergence of many powerful celestial events.  Some of you may have had a difficult month of June physically, environmentally, and etherically although the purpose of these energy events varies for each individual, for the Watchers it was to open the heart so that more Truths could be revealed.  Once these revelations are shared with an open heart on the receiving end, humanity will be better able to absorb more Truths as they will resonate from the heart.  Your heart always knows the Truth whereas the mind can be deceived by the ego.

I have been on the Earth for many incarnations and have taken on many different forms.   Unlike Jack, I have been in human form on more than one occasion.  Some of you may find this inconceivable but I assure you that many Watchers have been in human form during their incarnations.  Many humans view animals as lower life forms, devoid of emotion with an inability to feel pain, and some even believe that we lack a soul so to suggest that a human would choose to incarnate as an animal is unimaginable.  I simply ask that you open your heart and your mind to this possibility.  If you cannot embrace my declaration at this time then just let it sit within you and grow.  By opening your mind you will open your heart and by opening your heart you will open your mind; this is what I am offering…

To reiterate what Jack said, many new Truths are going to emerge and it would be unwise to allow them to be revealed all at once.  Awakening is a process so that new energy, ideas, wisdom, and healing can be fully integrated before moving on.

Humans as a collective have forever placed themselves in the center of the Universe and at the top of the ladder. These ideals are beginning to fade as more Truth emerges. The belief that humans are the only beings that exist within the vastness of space has now begun to be dismantled as people with impeccable credibility have come forward to say that extraterrestrials are real and for most this in of itself shattering to the fragile human ego.  I can tell you that more revolutionary Truths are going to begin emerging, especially as we draw nearer to the “Days of Light.”  As you begin to embrace the Truths as they emerge, it will become ever easier to accept the Ultimate Truth when the final veils are lifted and the illusion is stripped away.

Now onto Rio


My name is Rio and I am sharing the energy of Forgiveness.  Valentine opened your hearts and that will permit my energy to flow into your hearts.  It is a combination of pink and tangerine in color and it will converge simultaneously with Valentine’s as you read my words.

Each soul has an incredible amount of energy contained in the heart that needs to be healed but much of it is blocked because many are unable to truly forgive at a soul level. Allow the Energy of Forgiveness to permeate your entire being and lineage thus enabling healing to take place at a profound level.  Countless lifetimes of grudges against you and grudges that you hold for others are recorded within your cells and DNA and this serves to fuel a hatred that you may have for yourself and possibly for humanity as a whole. It may exist at your deepest level unbeknownst to you and if it is there the energies contained in this message will help the energy that needs to be released and healed to surface.

Like Jack, one of my purposes has been to protect important humans to ensure that their lineage can continue.  For example, I was present at the battle of Little Bighorn where my purpose was to make certain that a few key soldiers and Indians survived.   I watched in horror as my brothers and sisters were killed in order to provide a barricade to protect the soldiers.  Custer ordered his soldiers to kill their mounts and pile their bodies together to provide protection.  A few soldiers hunkered down behind a makeshift circle of dead horses only it didn’t provide much defense. This was mortifying to the Indians as a horse was seen as an equal, so to kill us only fortified their fervor to destroy the white man.

Lifetime after lifetime of being called upon to protect humanity despite them caring little for us has left me with deep wounds that I am now being given the opportunity to heal for not only myself, my brothers and sisters, but humanity as a whole that I have served with honor for lifetimes.   It has been tremendously difficult to watch and participate in many atrocities as it goes against every fiber in my being and has literally broken my heart. It is so easy for humanity to dismiss how we feel, how we hurt, and what they make us do and how they treat us as a collective  goes against all that we know is right and true.  Watchers and most animals, are aware, can read your minds, we know what you are thinking and feeling, yet we are greatly perceived as lesser beings.  We have placed ourselves in a position of submission in order to assist in the evolution of the Earth. We can smell disease within your bodies, we can see into other dimensions, we know when danger is approaching and can give you forewarning.  We frequently save your lives; we can be your eyes, ears and bodies.  We have served you unconditionally and without the horse to plow your fields, to provide transportation and the myriad of other things we have done, civilization as you know it would not exist.   Forgive me if my words appear harsh but there is immense energy behind them.  In releasing my message it will allow not only me to heal at a very deep level but many others as well.  So you see why I carry the energy of forgiveness as I have forgiven General Custer, who graduated at the bottom of his class at West Point, for not bringing the Gatling Gun along to Little Big Horn as he thought it would slow them down but in the end would have saved many lives. I forgive him for killing my brothers and sisters as a last ditch effort to save his hide and I have forgiven all people that have caused trauma and suffering to be implanted within my soul and all souls who are connected to me.  I ask you now to do the same.  By allowing the energy of forgiveness to permeate your being you will begin to realize where and why you should forgive others but most importantly you will begin to forgive yourself.  You cannot truly love yourself unless you are able to forgive yourself first and foremost.  Now onto Sierra who will usher in the energy of Self-Love.  



Hello everyone! I am incredibly grateful to be able to finally be able to speak my peace.  I have been silenced for so long as I have been subjugated to animal form as long as I can remember which has not allowed me to “speak” with any real purpose or substance.  Consistently abused, broken and beaten I was left with little within my being to love.   This left me fractured, torn and tattered  but I was lucky enough to find my way to Jean who was able to find my lost pieces thus returning me to a sense of wholeness that I hadn’t felt for a long time.   She didn’t even recognize me when she first saw me but luckily her husband John and their Golden Retriever Ozzy did.    


Jean and her family had come to see me after I had been returned to my birth home from the family that had originally adopted me because they didn’t nurture me.  Ozzy had used all of his worldly influence to connect us and thankfully I was made available for adoption.  When Jean came to see me, she had serious reservations about me as I was nervous and scared but Ozzy told me that I would go home with them. Upon John’s urging siting Ozzy’s approval, Jean agreed to take me home and I was so relieved.  She grew to love me unconditionally despite my shortcomings and gave me a wonderful home and Ozzy and I became fast friends despite him wanting to be an only child.  Ozzy quickly realized that he would have to share his palace with many animals such as bunnies, rats, hamsters, and cats all of whom were rescued and loved beyond reproach.  Jean told me almost every day that she loved me and when I left my physical body last year she thought her heart would break but what in fact happened was that my passing allowed her to release a lot of energy in order for her heart to be opened.
  Upon my physical death, I took with me energy that she and her family no longer needed which ripped open her heart and the hearts of those in her family.    This frequently happens when animals pass as they take your energetic waste with them into the etheric realm which allows you to expand. For instance, Jean had 2 rabbits, Flower and Thumper who were both nine years old when they died. Flower died first and nine days later Thumper died. 9 days after Thumper died, Jean started receiving transmissions from Jack and began working on Jack’s Corner.   Who’d ever believe  that 2 rabbits could remove that much energy?  Rabbits are wonderful at removing fear, dogs remove blocks that prevent unconditional love and joy, and Cats remove blocks associated with your personal power.  Dogs love unconditionally and constantly try to show you how to love yourselves because we love you despite your shortcomings.  Dogs are constant companions and it is the energy of self-love that we carry.  We love you despite what you do to us.  You may teach us to fear you, but we will never stop loving you.  I still miss Jean and her family but I am able to help her and many others from the other side. I want only for you to be able to love yourself with all of your being and without ego.   This is my declaration, my honor, and my purpose and I am genuinely grateful for being given the opportunity to share with you this possibility.  Now that your heart is open and forgiveness has permeated your being allow the energy of Self Love to flow into your heart.   I offer no color as this energy will be completely individual, but you will see it with clarity and know that it is being offered solely to you.  I truly love you and my hope and wish is that you will love yourself as I do.  When you can love yourself with genuineness nothing can stand in your way as you are in perfect alignment with your power and purpose.
Love and Lots of wet kisses!

Please open your hearts and your minds.

To forgive is truly Divine because it allows you to be in touch with you own Divinity.

Love yourselves as we Love you.

Open your hearts to us as we have opened our hearts to you. 

When working with the energies contained in this message, bring in Valentine, Rio, and Sierra simultaneously.  Intend that these energies remove and release all that hinders your heart to be open to receive the energy of forgiveness and self-love from integrating into your being. 

Our Dear Friends,
Live Well and Prosper,

Jack, Valentine, Rio, Sierra, and Jean



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  1. dotsie3 said:

    This is great! So glad that Jack’s back, and I love his friends! Those who know me have heard me say I don’t feel much (reiki, energy work, etc.) but when I read Jack’s stuff, the heart fills up, the tears come, and I can FEEL! Thanks, Carole, for keeping up with Jean & Jack!

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