When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, 3rd Issue – Channeled Bits and An Astral Discussion

This is a preview of the Aquarius Channelings paid Weekly Newsletter. If the information given resonates and you find yourself in a decent financial situation, every subscription is greatly appreciated. Option to subscribe will be given below.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the 3rd issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter. This week, we will absorb and discuss some fresh information from SanJAsKa and the Ascended Master collective, I will take us on a collective astral-manifesting trip and we will party [that’s right, party in the astral realms!]

I will also be answering a reader’s question about the upgrades of energy we are receiving in relation to the utilization of our growing telepathic abilities.


So, what would the dear Ascended Masters like to share with us this week?

To begin, they discuss their ongoing work with the Galactic Federation and Gaia’s Councils in bringing about the manifestation of all that we have wished to see. They also discuss these Earthly Councils to an extent and how they are overseeing the uprooting process mentioned by SanJAsKa, who called it an upheaval process.

“Daily Life continues on your world while we wait and watch from our various positions. We are convening with the Galactic Federation on a quite routine basis and we are communicating as well at nearly all times with the Highest Councils overseeing the Earth and Her evolution.

These Councils are comprised of souls from realms beyond the wildest dreams of the majority of humanity, and have been selected by Gaia personally to oversee the majority of events underway which are serving to expose and uproot the former vestiges of the lower dimensional experience, which are making their way out as the Light energies are assimilated more and more and the Earth experiences the resulting enlightenment that is to come with the passing of the various dates along your Cosmic cycle.” – The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters explain the importance of the dates along our Cosmic Calendar while moving into a discussion of humanities’ Light-absorbing, which is similar to that of flowers.

“These dates are meant to initiate you into ever-purer states of consciousness, awareness and perception as you pass through such dates and reach the strides along your evolution that sees the opportunity and potential for you to begin absorbing, integrating and using more pure encodements of Light than those which you have been absorbing.

Just like the dear flowers and trees, you are absorbing Light at all times and this Light is feeding itself into your hearts and your other chakras as well, as it makes its way through your entire energetic, subtle body. This energy helps to sustain and Create the various cells moving all throughout your body, which carry Light and oxygen; oxygen being another potent and needed form of energy which sustains Life.”


To finish their communiqué, the Ascended Masters get into a bit of a rudimentary discussion on the lessons that the third and fourth realms are meant to give us. They also remind us to express and utilize our compassion toward others.

“You are Mastering the balancing-out of your many different bodies, and your emotions have always been necessary factors in teaching you dear souls the importance of compassion and an understanding of the consciousness and feelings of others.  The third dimension has in itself meant to house the lessons of awareness whilst the fourth dimension which many of you are existing within increasingly, has been based within lessons of compassion and understanding the experience of others around you.

We ask you in the days ahead to continue on in your efforts to find your own inherent compassion. All hold this compassion within and it simply takes looking at your experience from the viewpoint of another and ‘talking a walk in another’s shoes’ to see that you are all undergoing the Earthly experience in your own unique ways, and you should all be honored for it.”

Thank you to the Ascended Masters. To summarize, they are convening increasingly with the Galactic Federation and Earths’ highest Councils, on the manifestation of the events set to precede our transition into full consciousness.


This concludes the channeled section of this week’s Newsletter. Now, (for the astral travel section of this week’s Newsletter) dear friends, let us strap our astral travel caps back on and find that space that we have been Creating within.

How have your astral travel attempts been going since last week, dear friends? As you likely remember, we left off last week with a total of two different landscapes that we have traversed so far. Those landscapes were the small, personal space in which you all imagined that was unique to you, and the wide open field with our beautiful friend the tree, in all of his/her bountiful and grand glory.

Notice how you likely thought of that tree as soon as it was mentioned, and saw the image of it in your mind’s eye. See how easy it is to Create?

Last week, we were imagining this tree and discussing as well the difference of the look of the field and tree alike, as we are all perceiving of and Creating these lands through our own lenses. Before moving on from our friend the tree to discuss collectively sensing in these realms, let us review and refresh ourselves by poofing up some fresh new manifestations.

While I have been telling you of specific things to manifest, this time I would like you to think of something to manifest within this area around you and near this beautiful tree which we have been manifesting and beholding. I cannot give you much guidance on the manifestation of this unique thing, because only you will know what it is. I can, however, give you some pointers on feeling this manifestation with you.

It is hoped that this preview of our weekly Newsletter has resonated and been of service. Again, if you enjoyed it and find yourself in a good financial situation, subscriptions are very appreciated.



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