When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/30/12 ‘A Discussion with our Lightworkers’

It is now time that we all got busy, very busy on our mission and the reasons why we are here. We are here because we have been selected by a panel, a committee who had overseen the selection process to hand pick a team of dedicated Lightworkers to come here to this world and bring to this world changes that will see to the advancement and the benefit of every being who chooses to accept these changes here on this planet they call Earth.


We have amassed a very large force of Lightworkers. We had decided long ago that coming here in inferior numbers to a place that had fallen so into darkness, chaos and confusion was not a very wise idea. Instead, we decided to fill our ranks with as many Lightworkers as we felt was necessary in the advent that many of you would, for a large pool of reasons, fail to adequately respond when the clarion call has sounded. It has sounded, quite a ways back in your time, years ago now. It is now 2012, far beyond when these calls began to be issued. We assisted in this process to alert and awaken all of those that had been selected for this mission so we know when the calls went out and we know how often these calls were sounded, and we thank all of our Lightworkers who helped to sound these alarm bells for their brothers and sisters to hear, to awaken and to respond.


At this time, we would say that only a small fraction of you have awakened and have responded. Reaching a precise figure is a bit of a difficult task at this time, but our monitoring services have reported to us that they conclude roughly 1/3 of the Lightworkers selected for this operation have awakened. We would further say that only 1/5 of those Lightworkers that have awakened have responded to their duties. This final figure is a very small percentage comparative to how many Lightworkers that are here, and even a small percentage comparative to how many Lightworkers have awakened but have not chosen to fulfill their granted assignments. These figures will have to be improved upon if this world is going to receive the adequate assistance that it is clear they need.


There are many problems and difficulties here in this world. This world has been submerged deep into the depths of darkness and despair, corruption, violence, fear, chaos and confusion for so long that the inhabitants of this world cannot turn this ship around by themselves without great assistance. This is why we are here, and this is why you are here and why you are reading these words right now. It is because you agreed to assist this world and not only, and we wish to tread lightly here and not insult or stab out with words or embarrass any of you, but you are here for more reasons than to help yourselves. It is fair to say that many of you have only thought about yourselves throughout much of your lives, for this is part of your curriculum here. It is part of the experience where you were also plunged into a world of darkness, and sheer survival was the name of this song.


We certainly understand this. You have been given little support in the ways of finances and little support in the ways of health and welfare. We understand this, as this was also decreed by your Creator, that those who came here must play by the same rules as those who inhabit this planet. It would not be fair if our Lightworkers were graced with large funds to ease their lives with or health systems to restore their youth and vitality while the natural inhabitants of this planet were left in poverty to struggle and in poor health, within bodies showing the ravages of age. Do you agree with this philosophy? Do you feel this policy was and is fair? We believe it is fair, but we ask you today to share with us how you feel since it is you that have agreed to work on the ‘front lines’ and experience how it feels to be a human living on the 3rd dimensional planet Earth.


You are there and we are here, and we realize you have gained such a large range of perspectives that we have not been able to achieve, and that is why we ask you to share your perspectives with us. We do not expect to have our ‘heads bitten off’, as you say in your world, when we ask you for your comments , after all, many of you that leave your harsh, biting, insulting and mean hearted and mean spirited comments are members of our organization, believe it or not, and many of the Lightworkers reading these words right now may also be surprised to learn that some of their brothers and sisters who are showing such ill temperament, manors and behavioral skills are actually more than their human brothers and sisters, but are team members of our organization as well.


This kind of ill behavior is a bit surprising, as we usually do not encounter this on our missions. Something here on this 3rd dimensional planet has changed many of you, has affected poorly many of you, and we have studied this and have reached some conclusions as to why this has occurred, but again, no one has sharper insight into this phenomena than you yourselves. So we ask you to tell us why it is that you have become the person you are today. Tell us why you feel it is your right and that you feel so free to exercise your will and insult and berate another as you do, to judge and condemn another as you do, to believe that all of your views are the only accurate interpretations of what is going on in your world. Tell us why you have propped yourself up so high in a king’s chair and command to those around you as if they are your peasant servants to listen to you, to obey your words and follow your rhetoric and your hate speech and join you in the launching of assaults on others and also judge and condemn others as you dare to.


Please share with us today openly and honestly, ‘biting our heads off’ if this is what makes you feel better, as we truly wish to understand better your motivations and your inner thoughts, for again, we do not read your minds, although there is still a number of you who stubbornly believe that we invade a beings personal rights of sovereignty and free will. We say again we do not, and we never do this. We have made agreements with some of you who are members of our organization that after you incarnated we would occasionally and sparingly read a portion, not all, but a small portion of your consciousness to study and to gauge the effects on your consciousness once you have incarnated and grown up here in this 3rd dimensional world.


We say again these numbers of you participating in this study are very small, far smaller than the amount of those of you who have responded to your duties as a Lightworker. We ask today for your thoughts, for we feel it is necessary for future missions to understand why on this particular mission so many of you have begun to act out, have begun to attack one another and fight amongst each other and insult and berate and judge and condemn another. This is very important, for this is a phenomenon that has not occurred on this level, not even close, throughout each and every one of our missions going back, yes our dear friends, millions of years. That is how astonishingly rare this behavior that some of you are exhibiting at this time is, and we as scientists and researchers must, because it is our duty, get to the bottom of this and find out all we can about this.


This is one of the reasons why we have not blocked or deleted your comments and why we have advised our channel not to block or delete even the very negative, insulting and inflammatory comments of a number of you. This is why we tolerate this behavior from you, in case you may have been wondering why no one launches back into you or merely deletes your comments that others may feel are quite unworthy and worthless, for we feel they are not worthless, although your attacks and your opinions are. What is not worthless is your behavior on the whole, as this behavior is being studied. You are being used as a ‘lab rat’, for you are supplying our researchers and our scientists with very important data at this time, and we invite you to please continue this wayward, negative, unproductive and uncooperative behavior, for it is assisting us to alter our selection process for future missions as we are beginning to gain a personality profile of those who have been engaging in this sort of negative behavior.


We are zeroing in on the root causes and effect of this behavior, and we now believe we are close to devising a suitable game plan that will allow the selection process for our next mission to be far more successful, where far more Lightworkers respond to their mission and an overwhelming majority of Lightworkers who do respond to this call would refrain from engaging in the behavior that some of you have chosen as your forms of communication. Again, we invite each and all of you to respond, and say again your comments are greatly appreciated even though there are those of you who may feel you are wasting your time while leaving these comments. We say to you that you are certainly not wasting your time and that you are assisting us greatly on our mission with you, and this will go far for you and it will be recorded on your work record in a very positive way.


For those of you who are engaging in this negative behavior and ill-treatment of others we say to you that your actions and words too are being recorded and they are also being recorded and filed into your work and personal records. It is already too late for some of you, and you will not be journeying with us to our next assignment or wherever it is we shall as an organization journey to next. After your assignments are completed here you will not be left here however, for that was our promise to you; that was the deal that you agree to. You will be picked up and you will be escorted back to your original home on a planet somewhere in this universe. This we assure you. We will not allow our Lightworkers to be left here to age and to die on this planet, to be left bodiless as you soar from this lower dimensional world. This we do not do. We honor our commitments and our agreements with all of our brothers and sisters, even if there are those of you today who are not honoring your commitment, as is the case with those who have chosen to attack, insult, ridicule and defame their own brothers and sisters, their own team members of our alliance.


These individuals will be delivered back home, and their people who see them as you see today your astronauts will learn that they have been dishonorably discharged from our alliance. Your people will understand what it is that has transpired here. Does that not make you think? Does that not cause you to stop in your tracks and perhaps attempt to alter your behavioral patterns at all? We also wish for your thoughts about this and we are quite sure you will offer them, as there are those of you who have been very vocal, outspoken and very unabashed concerning any and all matters of our organization, our mission here and our channel as well, and we are certain you have much to say today about our message shared with you.


That is all we have to share with you today, and we look forward to your comments and say to you again that all of your efforts to share with us your thoughts and your views are greatly appreciated and are doing your organization a great service. We say to you keep up your fine work that many of you are doing, for we are nearing the completion of this initial and important phase of our operation and it is now upon us to begin the next phase which will see to new assignments being issued to many of you who have shown your responsibility and your dedication to complete your initial assignments that have been given you.


We are your brothers and sisters and we are your teammates of the Galactic Federation of Light.



As channeled through Greg Giles

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  1. Blessings to all The Galactic Federation of The Light,I really do not know what else to say , but I love you all and with complete understanding you have my full support.In Divine Love and Light, Sherry Deverill

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