When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!

I just listened to a wonderful and informative interview with Nanci Danison. I hope you find the time to listen also. Lots of answered questions.



AngelicView:  I know I have shared a bunch of these Afterlife TV interviews lately, but I’m working my way through their play list and I want to get some of the very best ones out to you while they’re still fresh in my mind (besides… Coast to Coast has been a bit boring lately 😉  ).

I could have sworn that Nanci Danison’s NDE was on AngelicView somewhere, but after a quick search was unable to find it. This is Bob Olson interviewing her.

There are some notable aspects to her NDE that I’d like to bring forward.

One is that she says she was brought back here because she is on a mission. See, her incarnation cycle in human bodies was finished. But she came back to Earth to try to bring awareness to people about the other side of the veil – through her Near Death Experience.


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