When the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world…she became a butterfly!


I’ve been a Reiki Master since 2002 with an ability to heal those who have migraines or just your average stressed out headache.  Not sure why I have that particular healing ability but who am I to question.  I am not responsible for the healing anyway I’m just a channel and it’s something I’ve noticed.

I’m usually a quiet and very private individual but I am now ready to share thoughts and ideas that I’ve found on the internet that speak to me.   I welcome reader thoughts and comments as we can each grow and become spiritually enlightened through our sharing.  We can each assist the other as we open our minds and hearts toward a better world that I see just over the horizon.

My sharing does not take the place of our own individual quiet moments with our Higher Self  however I offer this compilation of thoughts gathered to help support those who may be interested.

I personally am NOT a writer but felt the need to start a blog to share what rings true with me…and hopefully with those who happen upon this site.  Sometimes by chance or would you call it synchronicity we find a piece to the puzzle we are trying to put together.  I hope that some little bitty piece of this blog can help someone toward their own awakening.



I thought I would repost my first message on this blog as a reminder of what my blog is all about!


Today is Monday 12/26/2011…Just a few days before we enter into the year 2012.  Wow… just 360 days until 12/21/2012!  Do I think a major event will occur on that day?  Nah, it will probably appear as just another day in “the quest of a lifetime”.  A lifetime to beat all lifetimes.

Over this past weekend I was able to celebrate my version of Yule with a small group of awesome individuals of like-mindedness.  I shared with them my desire to be “LOVE” and process LOVE like never before.  As a very private individual I find it extremely difficult to release the real me that is hidden deep within this physical vessel I reincarnated into in this lifetime.  I have such a strong desire to free the LOVE hidden within me.  Dare I share this LOVE, dare I put myself out there for everyone to see and become the creature outwardly who lives deep within my very being/spirit.

FEAR seems such a strong opponent to LOVE.  So do I let the appearance of FEAR overcome my intense desire to be the LOVE that resides within me or do I allow LOVE to overcome all FEAR and step into a world of LOVE that truly exists.  A world that works for all.  For truly I do believe that LOVE is all-powerful and has all authority over all that is NOT LOVE.

The choice is a simple one.  Why didn’t I see it before?  Go where the ultimate power truly is.   LOVE is the truth and that truth, without a doubt, will set us  free!  Choose LOVE and truly all things will be added unto you, as the saying goes.

Once LOVE is released there is no stopping the healing of ourselves and all of humanity.  We are then ready to prepare for our ASCENSION into the 5th Dimension where LOVE and true freedom reside.  So why not have a little taste of it here on our own planet of LOVE.  Gaia/Earth, the only planet of “choice”.

I do choose LOVE and in doing so please consider that choice with me.  This is my first blog and the first time that I have ever thought of putting myself out there for the “world” to behold.  I welcome your thoughts and comments as I reveal who I AM.  So come fly with me and let’s travel together into the wild blue unknown.  Who knows what’s out there…but let’s find out together for WE ARE ONE.




Comments on: "ABOUT ME" (4)

  1. Thank you for being courageous & sharing !
    Angels Love

  2. Robert (Bob) Moyer said:

    Carole: I’ve known you, but only as my dear friend’s life partner. Our connections so far has been in moving towards our growth and understanding of our meaning in this path called life. You’ve “turned me on” (I know how cliche!)… but, you have made me aware that there are people like us with the gift and the ability to channel and understand our messages given to us.
    We do not live alone… we live in community, city, state, nation, global/ planet, solar system and universe. And that’s just third dimension.
    I look forward to our travels together. Thank You.

  3. Robert (Bob) Moyer said:

    I’ve decided to print up a copy of the Staff members from 2012 Scenario. Wow. But… still am wondering about contacting them as I see they are pretty “reserved” about that.

  4. Don’t want to be Mr. Grumpy here, but, hey get real, fear just is not the opposite of love. Indifference is. And idealism and self obsession is not the key to ascension. Love, I mean the real transforming thing, cannot be owned. The type that can be owned, personal love, hasn’t that transformative power.

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