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Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – Going For Gold – And A Message From Sanat Kumara – 8 August 2012

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – Going For Gold –  And A Message From Sanat Kumara – 8 August 2012

Dear Ground Crew:

We are going for the gold! Yes, we are the spiritual athletes, whether we realize it or not. We have been advancing towards our ascension target. Now we are closer than ever.

In recent sessions with clients I am seeing that some people need to go more for the gold. By this I mean-the Golden Light of the Christed energy and it is used for spiritual protection. When you surround yourself in the Golden Light of the Christ and put it before you the protection is there. You can also send this Light to loved ones or in places around the planet where healing and protection are needed. Follow your heart with this. It is here for us to use.

Many are having intense challenges right now. As we accelerate towards the end of the year these will continue until we work through them. That is the purpose of our heightened emotions. We need to release fear and old issues. ————————————————

A Message from Sanat Kumara, our planetary Logos. Sanat is responsible for the Earth’s ascension and Venus’.

Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Let your new roles unfold as you step forward into the higher dimensions. Get about your true work. You are on the planet to do God’s business. You volunteered to command the space shift on the Earth. The ride is closing in on you and is getting closer. Some are tormented by the new energies and others are delighted. The Earth is unstable but is holding steady. The more grounded and steady that you are the more you assist the Earth. Do not let the agonies of the past or the remembrances of defeat hold you back from fulfilling your mission. There is a Light at the end of the tunnel.

You will see it and feel it clearly as it gets closer with each passing day until December 21, 2012. Move forward and do not let anything hold back your progress. We count on you to meet your promises. In your heart you know what these promises entail. Follow your heart.

Everyone has obligations in life. This process of ascension highlights these obligations whether they are to yourselves or to the planet. If you feel like you are stuck it is time to get some assistance. There are many ways to do this: You can ask us in meditation for help from the Light Realms; get human assistance if you cannot do it yourself; find a book that answers your heart’s questions; or simply surrender and let the blockages go. It is up to you.

Think about how dedicated and committed your athletes are in their various Olympic sports events. You are just as dedicated and committed in your spiritual workouts. The contest you are in is far more complex than running a marathon. It is the future of the Earth and all of creation. This is how much we are relying on you to perform.

We have the utmost confidence in your abilities and so does our Creator. Move forward with the utmost speed. Life is going to change in the blink of an eye before you know it. I am Sanat Kumara watching you and loving you in this process.

http://www.thegroundcrew.com  newsletter 7 August 2012


Can we have more information on our Inner Earth Family?

Folks, I whole-heartedly agree with Agnes below…during my meditation last evening this is  an issue that I dearly feel we need more of…~Carole

Our Future After Ascension – by Steve Beckow – 10 April 2012

by 007blueray

Namaste Family,

I’m reposting this because I’m very, very inspired to do so.

One of my personal favorite subject is about Inner Earth. I long to connect with them and I feel that working with them will be a very creative and loving experience to our most treasured and unique soul experience on Planet Earth. They have been ‘hiding’ from us for a long time now and it’s time for us to be reunited.

Although I’ve read about Inner Earth and past expeditions to Inner Earth, Sheldan Nidle has been the only channel, who is keeping us updated about the Agarthans. I wish that we (more so myself) will hear more messages from our Inner Earth Families and Friends.

I wish to work with the Agarthans too (that’s my personal wish to experience), not just with the GFoL. I can envision (with my whole being), know that Planet Earth(as a Star Being) is one of the most treasured world to work side by side with, along with our Galactic Families, allies, friends etc. We already have a place amongst the Councils and that we are the gateway and the center for all future gatherings/meetings at this corner of our Universe.

We are so very, very much more than our 3D energy and I feel that we are currently moving much ‘too slow’ ….. but that’s just my perception. I’m sure that there are others who are feeling that way too. Now is the time to dream BIG … carry on doing it. We are already at the door step and so it is.



Our Future After Ascension

2012 April 10
Posted by Steve Beckow

The Galactic Federation, SaLuSa tells us, “are assisting you to eventually become Galactic Beings, and that will be by rightfully reclaiming your place with us.” (1) The entire Company of Heaven, according to Archangel Michael, “celebrate that Earth is no longer an ‘infant’ in the keeping of the Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians. Now, the Earth is a fully mature and independent Star Being, representing the energy of Solaris in the Golden Rose Galaxy.” (2)

Sheldan Nidle explains what “Solaris” consists of. “Earth-Venus-Mars-Pax will form the nucleus of waterworlds within our future Solaris Star Nation…..and what is to be an [honorable] Galactic Federation of Light member star nation.” (3)

After Ascension, “you will be Beings with a level of superconsciousness, and quite different to what you are now.” (4) Ker-on goes further and says we will “become godlike in your powers and join all other ascended Beings. No more shall you be at the mercy of the dark powers, as they cannot enter the higher dimensions with their lower vibrations.” (5)

SaLuSa discusses the changes that will lead us to Ascension. When we see the galactics we are looking at our future, which will cause our yearning to return to Source to grow.

“As part of your growth in readiness for Ascension, your DNA strands are being restored and in time you will become a fully-fledged Cosmic Being. We are what you are to be, and when you attain our levels you will be able to rejoin your Space families. You have been away from your true homes for a long, long time, and with your awareness of us your yearning to return is growing.” (6)
The levels of consciousness we return to are levels that we once possessed, SaLuSa adds.

“In some ways it will not be so strange, as you are returning to levels that were once quite familiar to you. You are going to be great Beings once again, with tremendous powers of creation and many will serve in our fleets for the needs of others. You will be one of us, and a fully-fledged Space Being with all of the attributes you see in us.” (7)

Only those who achieve full consciousness can join the Galactic Federation.

“Membership [in the Galactic Federation] is only open to those who have achieved full consciousness. There is a place already for you with us, as we see that once you achieve Ascension you will have acquired the level of consciousness necessary to join us.” (8)

“The Galactic Federation comprises members that have already ascended and serve in the Light. There will come a day you shall rightly stand next to us as One in the Light.” (9)

After that, we can join the galactic fleets.

“Many options are open to you after Ascension, and many will join the Galactic Fleets. For some it will be where you will meet your true family, as most members stay on board the Motherships for hundreds of years and it becomes their natural home. In some sections of them there is little to show that you are on a Space Craft, and everything is created for you to feel at home.

“It is not like military service, but more relaxing and designed for maximum comfort and happiness. ” (10)

“On your onward journey all manner of experiences will be yours, as you traverse the Universe and explore it seeking other life forms.” (11)

Atmos of Sirius describes the GF as “inter-dimensional travellers. Distance presents no problem to us. When you are of a higher consciousness and have dropped your warlike ways, you too will be permitted to travel outside of your solar system.” (12)

The universe we travel, SaLuSa say, is teeming with life and never ending.

“All is orderly and runs in perfect synchronisation as the different cycles are played out. Your one is relatively short compared to those of galactic proportions, and they all move within each other in the great scheme of the Creator. It is something that is difficult to comprehend, but it will become clearer as you lift up your vibrations.

“You are faced with a Universe that is full of life, millions of planets and suns, and dimensions that seem never ending. You can then contemplate parallel Universes and even an Omniverse, which is probably too much to take in. However, it gives you a measure of how enormous the heavens are, and how the hand of the Creator is in everything you see.” (13)

We’ll be sought out by other civilizations eager to draw on our experience, SaLuSa says.

“In the future other civilizations will call upon you to help them with their own experiences. What you know from first-hand experience is invaluable, and you will be sought after for that reason. That is how all progress by sharing and helping each other, as all are on the same journey back to the Source from whence all life originated.

“So from experiencing the depths of separation you are going to move into Oneness with all other ascended life forms. It is for example going from individualism where the emphasis was on Self, to Oneness where all serve each other.” (14)

Far into the future, Ag-Agria of Sirius tells us, we’ll sit on the high councils that plan Ascensions and administer the Divine Plan.

“One day many of you shall be seated on the Councils that preside over the Universe, and in your greatness serve God directly. However, that is a long way off but indicates your unlimited potential to rise to the highest levels.” (15)

Ascension is a great leap forward in evolution, SaLuSa reveals.

“From a Human to a Galactic Being is quite a big jump in your evolution, and in every way it brings you a superior way of life. The drudgery and lack of free expression to follow your desires will no longer exist, and you will be as free as a bird to live happily and fulfilled.

“Yes, Dear Ones, there is a lot to tell you about, but we try not to overwhelm you with the details too quickly. Sufficient to say that instead of being earthbound you will be Space Beings, free to experience all of its wonders and myriad of life forms.” (16)

Yet even Ascension, he says, “is simply the commencement of another journey that will open up the Cosmos to you.” (17) Matthew Ward explains:

“The arrival of the popularized date of December 21, 2012, does not mean that Earth humankind will have entered an era of complacent stability. The only constant in the universe is change! Not only will marvelous developments continue in all areas of your world, but spiritually and intellectually, you will continue to grow through innumerable physical lifetimes, some in worlds where life will exceed even the glories of Earth’s Golden Age.” (18)

“Not all the glories of that Age will be heaped on its threshold. Everything based in darkness will be gone, but as you and your planet keep journeying, you will keep discovering wondrous ‘new’ knowledge and capabilities. ‘New’ is in quotation marks because your souls have all knowledge and capabilities, you just need to get in touch with them consciously – and you shall!” (19)

Ever after we’ll continue to evolve, SaLuSa tells us.

“As time progresses you will change from one of limited knowledge to a Galactic Being of full consciousness. Then you will be the Master that you really are, and release your full potential. There will be little or no comparison to the Being you are now of limited consciousness.

“After thousands of years slowly finding your way back through enlightenment, you are about to launch yourselves on a journey of immense meaning and opportunity. It is as though you have only just left the kindergarten, and are seeing for the first time the world outside.

“There are wonders and amazing experiences awaiting you, and once you learn more about them we know that you will never look back at this time. Your experiences in duality will have proved beneficial, and you will never need to walk that path again.” (20)

The longing for liberation, (21) which Ker-on of Venus calls “a compulsive drive towards obtaining knowledge about everything within the great Cosmos,” will drive us on to seek the Source. (22) The journey will not end until we merge with the Source again, SaLuSa says.

“Your quest for knowledge and the truth can never really be satisfied until you reach the ultimate – The Source of All That Is. However, you will have innumerable experiences before you ever reach that point. You have yet to understand the concept of a never-ending creation. You will never run out of new challenges in the Multi Universes and dimensions that seem to go on for all infinity.” (23)

Thus Ascension will see us claiming our rightful place in the councils of the Galactic Federation and regaining levels of consciousness that were formerly ours. Only those who achieve full consciousness and become godlike in their powers can join the GF. We’ll join the galactic fleets and explore a universe teeming with life and consciousness. We’ll be sought out for our experience, and eventually sit on the higher councils that plan Ascensions. Ascension is a great leap forward in the evolution of consciousness. The longing for liberation will continue leading us on until it brings us back to the Source.


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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/5/12 ‘Future Possibility & Opportunity’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/5/12 ‘Future Possibility & Opportunity’
All your life you have waited for this magic moment to come true for you, to become your blessed reality, to bear the fruit of the tree that you planted a long time ago and have watered and nurtured for lifetimes. That tree is fully grown now for many of you and it is time to pick the fruit and take your first bite of the sweet nectar of your new and completely free and unlimited experience. This time is now coming quickly upon many of you, and we say to you keep doing what it is you are doing. Do not fall back now on old patterns, habits or tendencies and your destructive natures that some of you have demonstrated at certain intervals of your past history. Now is not the time to indulge in such frailties, learning from these experiences and testing the boundaries of your experience. Now is the time to apply yourselves as fully and as consciously as you possibly can. Now is the time to go full speed into all your future possibilities, not looking back but releasing all that was, as all was a training ground for you, full of lessons and experiences to prepare you for what it is that now awaits you and beckons you with your call, the call of your name.
Do you hear your name being called? If you hear your name being called say “I hear my name being called now and I am responding to this call. I am following this call. I am following the sound of my name being called and I will follow this sound until it delivers me to where it is I wish to be, which is not here, but somewhere else.” This is what we would like to hear from those of you who wish for a new reality, a new start, a new life filled with new treasures, rewards, goals, challenges, excitement, adventure and experiences to learn even greater lessons than the lessons you have learned up to this amazing and wonderful point.
Today we would like to speak with you about how it will be for you once you step out of your current confines of your quite limited reality and into an unlimited arena for you to showcase all the skills, talents and wisdom you have learned. It will be as if you have won the lottery, struck the jackpot and rang the bell at the carnival. It will be as if you are the Olympic gold medal champion, standing on the podium as they play the national anthem of your country. Does this excite you and entice you? Is this what interests you more than anything else that you may have in the past spent your time, focus and energy upon? If it is, then you can have this. This is your gift, this is your reward, this is your trophy and it is time to present it to you.
We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here, we are not arriving, we wish to always make that as clear as possible to you. We are not traveling here from any place in the universe as we have already traveled here a relatively long time ago. We are already here. We are here so very close to you that it will only take a little more pushing, a little more effort, a little more persistence, a little more determination for you to see us, for you to discover us, for you to join us. Do you understand this? Do you understand that it is not we and it is not you that are traveling anywhere, but there is something else that will enable our reunion together? You know what this is by now; we do not have to explain this to you. Tell us yourselves what it is that will begin this blessed reunion of our families. We would like to see you answer this question yourselves beneath our message today.
We will, as we do every day, follow your comments underneath our message all throughout your Internet with great interest. We love to read your comments as we are greatly interested in what you think about us, about our reunion and about our projects we will begin together. We are even interested in the negative comments about us, for we are learning a great deal about you through all of your comments, not just the ones in which a positive light is shone. It is also through the darkness, through negativity that we can all learn, and after all, isn’t this what it is all about, a learning experience for all of us? That’s what it is at its deepest core.
You are here to learn and we are here to learn as well, and to reach that goal this entire scenario has been created and it has been decreed by our Creator who is your Creator, and many great minds have set this great table for our feast where we will learn through this marvelous experience to come here to assist our brothers and sisters redecorate, rebuild and restructure their house and host a wonderful and glorious family reunion. We hope to be invited, and we do see that many of you have already opened your front door for us and we say thank you. This makes us feel wanted, appreciated and loved, and we appreciate so greatly this warm gesture to open your home and your hearts and welcome us.
Today we would like to just briefly touch upon our first project with you which many of you know by now will be the strengthening of coastal shorelines in certain locations around your world. We have begun the notification process and we would like to report that we have successfully sent our messages to many individuals who we have selected for this initial project, and we have also successfully received your replies. Your answers to our question have been duly noted, and we will contact you again when it is time for you to act upon the information you have given us. Those of you who have received our communication understand what we mean by this and there is no need to go into this any further any longer. We will continue to send messages out to those of you who we feel have earned their right to take part in this initial project through their interactions with others throughout your online social networks, their efforts to shine their light, to be there for others, to share the information about our organization and what our intentions are here in your world.
We appreciate greatly your efforts in this regard and say to all of you that have qualified yourselves through efforts such as these that you are not, and will not be forgotten or overlooked in any way. We say to those of you who have demonstrated that you would be suitable and qualified members of our teams that your day will come; there is no question about this. We know who you are and we have you on our list to contact you in future days, either one way or the other. You will not be left out of our projects together as we also look so forward to working with you. There will be many projects with many thousands of individuals selected to work with us, either directly or indirectly. This initial project, although massive in scope and importance, will not require too many ‘hands on deck’, as it will not take many of you to build these seawalls as our advanced technology does most of the work for you.
We wish to make this clear, as we wish for you to understand why it is that, although you have demonstrated your kindness, your compassion and your superior work ethic, we have not contacted you to take part in this initial project. The reason is that only a relatively small number of you have been or will be contacted for this project as the workforce required for it is rather small in size, however, there are many other projects just as important and far greater in size and scope considering the manpower required, and this is when many of you can expect to be contacted. This day will quickly follow the completion of the seawall project, and some of these projects may even get underway during the construction of these seawalls. We wish you to understand this, and we wish you all to keep alert for our telepathic communications to you as they could come at any time while you are in any place, not just in your homes or in your beds.
This is the situation here in your world where there is great opportunity and much chance for advancement and something new for all of you. What we are here in offers to you is a new way to do almost everything that you have come to know as the only way to do things. There is so much of your world than needs or can benefit from an upgrade and advancement in technological capability, methodology and understanding. There is little of a 3rd dimensional structure or system that will survive, if you will, the transformation to a higher dimensional society such as a 5th dimensional society. When one understands this, one understands that much of what they have come to know will be deconstructed and reconstructed in an entirely new way. This can be quite disturbing for many, you may be very surprised to learn this, as beings that have come to know one way do not always easily adapt to a new way, especially when the new way is so completely transformative from the methods of the old ways.
We are here to not only assist you with this delicate transformation, but are also here to assist you emotionally and mentally survive this transformation. What we will do is setup a system where your mental and emotional health and well-being can be checked and monitored to adequately measure the ease or the difficulty that some of you may be experiencing through this transformation of your societal structures. We will monitor a certain percentage of your populations throughout your world, in this way procuring a base from which to derive statistics that can be quite accurate without monitoring and examining all of your population. This is the preferred method to carry out such research, and we in future days will be asking for a number of volunteers to take part in this study to measure your collective as well as individual responses to these changes in your world.
At that time, we will hope to receive an adequate number of willing participants and tell you for your assistance in this study you will be rewarded in certain ways. One of these ways that you will be rewarded are those who participate in our studies will receive from us the benefits of our advanced technologies and knowledge, and you will receive advanced treatment for many of your emotional, mental and physical needs. What we mean by this is that we will share with you our technologies and our advanced understandings of physical, emotional and mental vessels and help you alleviate some of the problems you may be having or shortcomings, if you will, that you have been born with and have handicapped you in some way throughout your life. All of the work that you will be doing with us comes with reward, as this is the basic construct of your new higher dimensional society. When one pitches in to assist their brothers and sisters and work towards the greater good of all and your planet they are adequately and fairly compensated for their efforts, their time and their energy.
Today here in your world many of you work very hard for very little compensation and reward. This will change, for all of you that continue to work at your jobs that may be necessary, at least for some time, until an overall change to many of your systems can be implemented will be rewarded, compensated, paid much more than you are today. We wish to make this clear, as we understand that many of you are ready and are very eager to walk away from the jobs that many of you feel tied down to, and we say that for many of you this day will come, but for now as your systems must be torn down before they can be built anew there will be a time period where you will have to remain at your current place of employment to support yourselves and your family. We will in time implement systems and technologies that will alleviate the necessity for many of you to go to work to perform the tasks you are currently performing that benefit others and your world. All cannot quit their jobs all at the same time if your society is to continue through this transformation smoothly. We hope that you can understand this, and understand that there will be a birthing period, if you will, a nurturing period, a growing period, and through this period there will be some growing pains as this must always be expected when the old bows down making way for the new.
In time, we will explain fully how we wish to implement your new systems, which systems we would like to implement first, and which systems necessitate the utmost attention, as there are systems today in your world that stand on shaky ground and must be strengthened, and in many cases completely reconstructed, to safeguard your societies, for we do not wish to pull a pin, as it were, and allow a complete system that is at this point yet necessary in your world to come crumbling down. We must be very careful and proceed cautiously to strengthen some of your systems while we at the same time implement new systems, sometimes building them from directly within an old system instead of completely dismantling a system before we begin to implement a new one in its place.
As we have said, there will be some growing pains experienced by your people for some time, at least in some areas. We ask for your support, your assistance and your confidence that your new societal structures will be built and they will benefit all of the people of your world. We thank you for your patience, your cooperation and your assistance in the building of these new systems and structures and say to you your efforts will be greatly appreciated and rewarded in many different ways. Have patience, have confidence, have faith and your world will be a paradise, and the ways of the old will in time become a distant and faint memory of your past.
We are the architects here to help you build your new paradise. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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SanJAsKa on the Number and Colors of Galactic Ships in our Skies

SanJAsKa on the Number and Colors of Galactic Ships in our Skies

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

This short message from SanJAsKa was given as a part of the Aquarius Channelings paid Weekly Newsletter. Option to subscribe below ($11.11 a month)

We are now stationing our ships all around your atmosphere, as while there have been many of us stationing ourselves in your skies for a long time, we have been given the authority to increase the number of us prevalent in your skies in the days and weeks ahead. We will be able to make ourselves known in more bold ways via Cloud Ships and other types of phenomenon that many awakening souls will notice and be able to understand is a sign of our presence in your skies.

At present, we are preparing ourselves to land on your world and make diplomatic contacts and efforts with all of your nations, many of whom are quite aware of our presence and our immediate wish to be on the ground with you. Time has now run out and our options have waned down to be in line with the final merging timelines and scenarios that are being brought forth and brought together on your world.

You are experiencing the upheavals and the surfacing of trauma that has been discussed numerous times, and you are feeling as well the departure of the old as your world readies Herself for our full presence upon Her surface. You are readying yourselves as well for our imminent arrival by going through the surfacing of former emotions and traumas, which will see you a better vessel to absorb the Lighted energies we will be giving you, which you will note are quite strong from our simple presence around you.

This is because we come from realities wherein this energy is quite normal and all are used to the flowing, radiant auras and colors that some of us choose to take form as. These colors are the pure energy of Love, of Source, and these are the colors which construct your very souls and bodies.

These colors are very prevalent among our many Motherships and Star Ships, and you will see whenever we are able to become openly known on your world that our ships themselves possess auras which fly around with us as we make our ventures throughout your world. Despite the density that has been fed and adhered to on your surface for so very long, special admissions are being made allowed so that we can express our full Light and radiance without it becoming too much for your dear Earth souls.

We ask you now to continue on in your process of readying yourselves for the disclosures and impending revelations which have been waiting for so very long to burst forth, as they are just beginning to make themselves known.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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Very Best Practices – Steve Beckow

Very Best Practices

2012 August 5
Posted by Steve Beckow

Apparently we’re moving through a time of maximum exposure of everything negative in ourselves, in society, in our families, in our work places.

All the more reason why we try to make the very best mileage by following the very best practices.

I have my own idea of what some of those very best practices are. You will have your own idea. Let’s share.

(1) Use neutral language.

The very first mutually-agreed-upon information we receive about each other comes with what we say or read. It comes with words. Granted that body language can lead to suppositions, our impressions from body language are firmed up and confirmed by what is said in words.

If this is the case, then does it not make sense for us to use neutral words? Does not so much of the drama and turmoil come when we use words with a strong valence, pro or con? What Archangel Michael called Perro, the ancient diplomatic language that is based on neutrality, was devised to repair the damage from the intergalactic wars. It was found that speaking in ways that were simply descriptive and true caused the least amount of fallout. Can we not learn from this?

(2) Share

A “share” is something specific. It’s a statement made that tells us something about us. It doesn’t usually tell us something about the other guy. It doesn’t usually convey simply bloodless, juiceless information. It reveals us to others.

A share comes from transparency. It allows us to be known. So much of what is said today is designed to prevent us being known, to hide our true intentions, to fool others or throw them off the scent.

But a share makes the content of our heart known. It clears away the rubble and debris and allows our love to flow between each other. It makes us known and making ourselves known promotes emergence, unfoldment, blossoming.  Tell me who you are. That is all I want to know. I want to know you and be known deeply. The time is past for hiding. The time has arrived to be known.

(3) Take a stand

Under this planet’s former management, much depended on being flexible, not committing oneself, being master of the cut and fill. But when a new world is a-building, much depends on what we can be accountable for, what we’re committed to, and what we support from principle and under all circumstances.

We now need to be known by our stands. What do you stand for? What is your life a demonstration of? What are you here to support? And what can we count on you for in realization of your purpose? What is your stand? And who are you as a stand?

(4) Break through

All that holds us in our shell is overcome by our own efforts. The ways in which we break free of our shell are unknown to us, just as how we ride a bicycle is unknown to us. We know them when we do them and once we know them we never lose our ability to do them. Emergence or breaking through is one of those arts that cannot be described in words but is known once we do it. We have a will, which cannot be touched or seen, but has its own laws of movement.

And when we exercise that will to come out of our shells, we break through our suppression and inhibitions. Break through. Emerge. Come out of your shell. Now is the time when we need you, unimpeded, in the fulness of your glory. Break through your resistance by the exercise of your will. Become a player in the creation of this new world, however you do that, whatever role you choose.

(5) Love

Love is the universal solvent of difficulties and the universal glue of relationship. Love holds the atoms together. It holds people together. Love stimulates growth more than the sun does. The very nature of light is love. We are given the free will to reject love, but only a failure to thrive results.  Nonetheless love will not let us die as beings. Love is eternal.

Love assumes all roles and plays all parts. Only love lasts. Anything we create with love that is grotesque breaks down, falls apart, and returns to its native state.

All our processes – thinking, feeling, acting – informed with love cause us to unfold and the world to progress. And all the world’s progress only leads back to the unveiling, the revealing of love. So why fight the way life was designed? Why cause the engine to falter because we won’t use it the way it was intended to be used? Simply love and we conform to life’s design and purpose. Love, love and more love and we return to our original state of innocence.

If the purpose of life is to know our true nature, and to be our true nature is to know our true nature, then be your true nature, which is love.



SAINT BRIGIT: “A House United” – By AuroRa Le – August 5, 2012

SAINT BRIGIT: “A House United” By AuroRa Le – August 5, 2012.


☯  I greet you fondly, Dearests, I Am Brigit.  Angel, Goddess, Master, Sainted One – I am known by an array of titles, but I Am simply Brigit.   I Am like you.   All of us, you and I, we are Holy Messengers of Light;  and as best we can, we do our part for God, Gaia and humanity.  Peer close and see me as I extend to you my hand in kinship.  Take hold of it, please, and let us become  and remain One.  One family.  One Heart.  On one mission.  One tall and mighty fortress of love and impenetrable will, we are.  For we are a house united, and we usher in, together, the Platinum Age of Freedom.  A house united has the strength to repel any and all encroaching darkness.   Whilst this darkness might wrongly presume it could ever storm our castle walls, our numbers are too vast and to dazzling for the dim to stay bleak and solitary for too long.  A mere glimpse of our bright Light is enough to render that one dark and lonely no more;  and thus becoming a part of Us.  Ours is a castle built not on sand, but on a rock-solid foundation of togetherness and shared goodwill.

☯  A house divided cannot, and will not, stand.  In these times, great expectations are arising from the ashes of the past traumas and tribulations which are being burnt away.  From the wreckage of a fallen paradigm is born the incoming age of beauty, freedom, equality and peace.  Finally, at long last, peace.  Anything is possible now, and in this way of thinking you are not at all mistaken.   Embrace it, do.  When one’s motives are clean and in the best interest of  All, you might very well find you can move mountains and part the seas.   Alas, however, we sometimes find that we do not always agree on which mountains or which seas upon which to shower our attentions.  This can make for discontent amongst the Whole, and in this disconnectedness comes a loss of clear perspective and-worst of all-judgement.  A house divided cannot stand.  When faith is lost and Unity is forgotten in the heat of egoic battle, nothing of any use shall ever be accomplished. He said, she said…  honestly and truly, Dears, does it really matter?  When all is said and done, is not our end-goal the same?

☯  I seek to remind you not to lose faith that your world reality shall ever be drastically  different.  You dream of a world without borders, without starvation, dishonestly and the illusion of separateness.  You seek  loving reunion with your Brothers and Sisters of the Heavens,  in the most tangible and organic sense.  As do we with you.  You pray hard and fast for miracles to unfold, and wonder why they appear to be transpiring for some and not for others.  Have we not told you umpteen times that there is more than one timeline currently still in play;  that some have chosen to undertake a more arduous journey than others?  In due time these timelines shall merge together, but still they are in the delicate process of coming together.  Do not cast stones upon the ones who’s viewpoints and experiences differ from your own, but see them instead as one who chose to take another fork in the road.  Seek to come together and learn from each other’s experience.  It shall only serve to make you all the wiser.

☯  It is imperative that some of you re-asses your definition as to what “disclosure” actually means.  Cease to put the cart before the horse, and in this I refer to the anticipated landings of the ships.  There are some I see who are of the misguided belief that they are in need of rescue.  No, Dear Children, this is not the case.  You are alchemical masters by nature, and within you lies the power to turn dust to diamonds and water to wine.  You need only to find within yourselves the confidence and knowing that this can be so, then work to reclaim the dormant portions of your Self which have remained buried within, as you worked your way through the reincarnational cycle.  The enlightenment and upliftment of yourself, the people and the planet must come first and foremost.  The masses are not yet ready to absorb all that is Truth, all at one time.  They are not yet able to comprehend that we are the same, that we are all united under the same Creator.  I so fervently wish this wasn’t so, but such is what it is at this moment. 

☯  You are Lightbearers, so then bear The Light.  Step out from the shadows and become the majority.  Aye, convert them.  Tell them all!  Make not the mistake of thinking that they do not hear you, for they do.  Now you must make them listen.  Disclosure is occurring, though mayhap not yet in the way you may want it to.  You hear me now, you feel my energy, I Am here.  I have disclosed myself to you. Though not in the fashion you seek, but still I make my presence known.  From my heart I promise you the day shall come when you shall look with your own eyes  into the shining eyes of your Beloveds.  You shall see them and hear them and clasp hands with them in long anticipated Unity.  This anticipation goes both ways, but do take heed and trust that we can see obstacles that you do not.  We must dismantle them together.

☯  Have faith in your Creator, for He shall never disappoint.  Feel your Mother’s kindness as a buttery balm against the rawness of your wounds.  Have unwavering faith in yourselves and in each other.  I ask you, please, to refrain from setting yourselves up to fall, and allow for the Divine Plan to unfold as it was long ago decreed to do.  There is a Divine Plan, and whilst it may sway a bit from here to there and rework itself every now and then, take heart that we are right where we ought to be.  By having faith in this very thing, you shall never feel let down.  Then we all shall be together.

In Holy Grace, I am Brigit.

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Blossom Goodchild: August 5, 2012

Blossom Goodchild: August 5, 2012

2012 August 5

Posted by Anthony Morrison

Blossom Goodchild: August 5, 2012


Blossom: Hello Hello Hello from me myself and I … Whatever you think is appropriate to speak of in these times … I honour that … and hereby give you the floor!

How gracious and how willing to allow events to unfold in a Divine manner. In order to respect the desires of many… we choose to advocate the need to follow that which the heart Is speaking to you of.

We have oft times spoken of ‘listening’ to the heart and you have spoken in reply of ‘not being able to hear’. One of the most blessed attributes to that of a human Being is the absolute ‘sense’ of FEELING. There is not one soul upon the planet who is blocked off from this. Even when one speaks of being void or numb of all feeling … they are kidding themselves … for they cannot not FEEL.

So therefore, we choose the wording differently to say … FEEL with your heart. Your FEELINGS are your guide. This you know. The chit chat in your head does not always correspond with that which you FEEL and this is where the confusion bursts forth and one does not know if they are hearing/reading/ absorbing TRUTH or not.

Consider in your kitchen you have a sieve to sift flour. The packet of flour MAY SAY ‘refined flour’ … yet when pouring it through the sieve you come across many lumps and bumps that managed to ‘make it through’. When you shake the sieve up a little … it is easy to see that which is Truth for it slips through the net with ease. If there are lumps that one needs to squash down and TRY to push through … because one wants to TRY AND MAKE IT FIT … then we say to you … this is NOT TRUTH.

So here we are dearest friends…closer than ever before to the NEW TIMES. You have spent lifetimes searching for the TRUTH that is so very soon to be revealed.

Yes … I heard you … very ‘SOON’ … and yet really, at the end of the day … you HAVE to be talking about VERY SOON … even in our terms … as we are drawing so close to the end of the year

Indeed. We ask of you a question. What appears to be TRUTH to you … is it?

Hey pal … you’re asking the wrong bird! What?

Read the question again and think about the answer you FEEL.

That is such a loaded question … The answer I FEEL is … why did you have to go and ask me such a difficult question?

Because we know you are capable of answering it.

Ok … Well, I would say it would depend on how I FELT about what was appearing to me.

Correct answer . Over and over we speak to you of FEELING. This we continue to reiterate … because it is of great importance.


FEEL what you FEEL .

This is your TRUTH. We speak of this in a determined fashion this day because we KNOW that there shall be things coming up that shall ‘appear’ to be of Truth to many and the scale on which that ‘appearance ‘ is able to convince is of a high degree. Therefore we ask one to be very scathing (?) regarding such matters.

So … I have to ask here … in what terms of ‘appearance’ are you talking? People speak of false flags etc. … is this what you mean?

This we cannot say because it is not appropriate to do so.

Then with all respect … why mention it in the first place?

Because we are able to speak thus far. Yet to speak further would interfere with certain issues and this is not for us to embark upon . This is not our way.

Please keep in the forefront of your mind that we are not dealing with ‘toys’ and children. Our utmost concern is for your safety and we shall adhere to security protocol of that which we FEEL it safe to speak of and that which we do not.

OK. Thanks for that. I respect and accept. Mmm , (whistle, whistle ) so how’s the weather then ?

Dearest Blossom and all who read these words


In the TRUE KNOWING of who you are … there is and never shall be anything that can lead you into that which is not of your Highest good.

Here you are NOW in the most relevant … most crucial of times . You have gathered strength and momentum. Many of you FEEL you have lost hope. Yet you have not. Far from it.

Think when you can … to often take in deep breaths of LIFE ITSELF … for this shall assist you in that KNOWING. For in this way you are connecting with the breath of ONE and in that connection there is NOTHING that can come between you . NOTHING.




If you could see your Light and your strength as we do, you would find it so easy to do as we are asking of you.





Imagine being able to look upon your planet from another position and scan across it. Each soul of Light is as of A TORCH OF RAINBOW COLOURS BURNING BRIGHTLY. Imagine this.

What an array of beauty is offered and would you therefore not be thrilled and at Peace in the KNOWING that the darkness is barely seen for there are NOW TORCHES OF RAINBOW LIGHT ABOUNDING EVERYWHERE. The darkness is almost gone. This we say in TRUTH.

Keep on imagining this vision for it shall allow the TRUTH to shine even more brightly .

We can FEEL something nagging at you .

Mmm … Good FEELING! I guess that by you saying earlier about ‘appearances’ and not being deceived … many may , whether you say we should or not … become a little, just a teeny weeny bit fearful about what this may mean and will they be able to TRUST their feelings enough to know that whatever it is you are talking about is TRUTH or not.

Therefore we would say with respect … FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL about EVERYTHING.

Your minds and thoughts may run amok … one may tend to get carried away. Be of the mind set that should an UNTRUTH be presented, be they of words or otherwise … it shall be as plain to you as the nose on your face as to that which is coming from LOVE and that which is not

This is also why we ask you to be mindful of your FEELINGS. For it is KNOWN and is becoming far to commonplace that ‘teachings’ are littered with Truth and untruths to ‘lure’ one in. There are desperate attempts being made to create havoc within the minions (?) and it is of great urgency that those whoKNOW better remain steadfast in that KNOWING.

Let us put it another way. When you allow yourself to be ONLY IN LOVE AND JOY … on a continual basis … then anything that does not vibrate on that same frequency shall be more than obvious to you when it comes your way.

Not only to remain in Love and joy being the fulfillment and unique satisfaction to one’s pleasure and accordance with the soul … yet it is your ‘TRUTH DETECTOR’.

When one is in doubt and fear … they are unable to decipher clearly that which the detector is telling them … because it is operating on low level batteries and is unable to do what it is designed to do … detect.

Yet the minute that a lower frequency trickles anywhere close to a HIGH frequency vibration … it sticks out like a saw thumb! ‘Ah ha!’ you can say … For it is so easy to FEEL the difference in vibration when constantly in tune with LOVE.

Very much like listening to a joyful piece of music that one is able to revel in. If one were to play a wrong note it is very obvious to the ear. Sometimes it is not so much a wrong note yet more so … the pitch is a little off and one begins to question whether or not it is just the self ’FEELING’ that … or whether or not that ‘not so perfect pitch’ has crept into the piece.


I understand what you are saying … and at risk of repeating myself from another time … TRUSTING ones intuition is not always that easy to do,

Yes it is.

Maybe when you resonate on YOUR LEVEL OF BEING it is … yet I find … that often my instinct can be wrong and I totally misjudged a person or a situation.

Are you sure about that?

Yep. Often I have come from Love with said person or situation and it turned out that I was misguided and had weighed it up all wrong.

Yet we would say you had not misjudged for you were coming from Love first and foremost. The absolute Truth of anyone. Yet they may choose to disguise it and present themselves quite differently depending on what it is they need to discover for themselves by behaving in the way they did/do.

Yes I can get that. Dear dear! It can all get a bit complicated. Perhaps I should have reincarnated as an ant.

Ants too have their ups and downs!

What we wish to impart deep into the core of your BEING … is that when YOU remain in YOUR TRUTH … anything that is otherwise will be giving out warning signals in one form or another.

When all of you have moved on from this density and abide in a place that has been released from all that deters you from BENG WHO YOU ARE IN FULLNESS, LIGHT AND TRUTH … you will recall the struggles you endured and you will smile at your NOT KNOWING and the confusion it brought upon/into you … and you will too understand to our utmost delight … why … we were not able to speak to you in any other way … other than the way we are doing now.

It is necessary for us to withhold information. If we were to break that pact it would be detrimental to ALL that is to take place. So we remain in OUR TRUTH and desire only to serve in a way that is of the Highest benefit for all concerned. And … we mean … ALL

Yep .. I can FEEL it … Here endeth today’s sermon. It is Sunday after all!

With so much Love we give thanks that we are able to offer our assistance in this way.

Our Soul Lights draw ever closer to yours as we become once again the ONE LIGHT

Many thanks to you also my friends. From us all.