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“First Contact”

In January of 2012 I decided to enter into the world of TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing). I have been honing my skill now for about twenty two months. Just about every day I meditate and connect with the other side of the veil. I developed my skill and eventually met my guide whose name was revealed to me as POBIN.
One day I was told by POBIN that KRYON and St. Germaine connect with me. I was also told that KRYON and I go way back…way way back but that is for another post. In this lifetime I was introduced to the collective called KRYON back in 1999 when Lee Carroll’s green Book VI “Partnering with God” (Practical Information for the New Millenium) caught my eye and I just had to purchase it along with Book One “The End Times”. I cannot explain to you the absolute love that poured from the words in Book One right into my melting heart. Being raised Catholic I was a good guilt-ridden soul who responded deeply to the out pouring of the absolute pure love KRYON offered me. And so the experience of my first KRYON book began my entry into the world of spirituality. A world of “woo-woo” ness…channeling, tarot cards, pendulums and other means of divination. My world was gonna be turned up side down…but I digress.
As a result of developing my skill at TAUK I appear to have opened my connection with KRYON once again. Tonight I would like to share a message I received directly from KRYON with permission.

“We are one…I am one. I come in Peace. Be bold and know that you have been called. Together we will turn many toward the Light and henceforth to their Ascension. Be not worrisome about what others may say or think. You are my mouthpiece. What I have to say will bring peace and contentment and joy and laughter to many lives.
Many lives are filled with stress and anxiety and do not know or believe life can be any other way. But very soon life will take a turn for the better. Hear my words and consider them thoughtfully. For I have a better way, a more consistent way of living. Be filled with love and know my peace. My peace.”

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“Operators are standing by.” – Michael channeled by Ron Head

“Operators are standing by.” – Michael channeled by Ron Head

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We would speak today on your dedication and focus on your ascension.  On first sight, it would appear to be a selfish thing to do.  Allow us to explain why that is not so.  We could give many lines of reasoning to refute that opinion, but let us voice just a few.

First, and most obviously, you are all one.  Each of you affects the state of all others.  As you rise in consciousness, you raise all others.  Every effort you make to embody the love of your Creator in any fashion will increase your light and therefore help all around you.  And could you see it, you would know that your light extends out infinitely into the reaches of universes.

Then, importantly, there is the fact that you cannot help others unless you have first helped yourself.  What could you give them if you have naught to give?  What will you teach if you have not first learned?  How make them happy if you know only sadness and misery?  First you must uncover the joyful, powerful, radiant being that you truly are.  You must discover this and make it your own.  It is not meant to be a monumental trial.  Remember one of the teachings that have not been corrupted down through the ages, “Seek and ye shall find.”  It is only necessary to seek in the right place, inside yourself.  Yes, you may ask us for help.  Yes, you may ask your Creator as well.  Remember also, “Ask and it shall be given.”  It was promised you, and we tell you again, it shall be so.

You have wandered far and experienced much.  That, dear ones, as much as you do not like to hear it, was your intent when you first came here.  But now it is time for you to return to the state of consciousness from which you began.  It has been said that when you make a decision, the universe will conspire to make it so.  That is a truth which you are quickly learning to be true.  It is also taught that your beliefs are the cause of much repeating cycles of suffering.  That has also been so.  Many, many of those cycles have had their last hurrah now.  You have done well.  As more of your past returns for your attention now, if indeed it does for you personally, ask to know the lesson you have spent so long learning, and then release the situation to the light, never to be repeated again.  Your guides, your angels, and your own higher selves want nothing more than this for you.  As your television loves to say, “Operators are standing by.”

If you take the steps we are speaking of, or have already taken them, we tell you that the next few months will be as a whirlwind for you.  You will have many chances to see things which are appearing frightful to many others.  Keep your focus on your own transformation and you will be able to see the transformation which all of the outside circumstances represent.  You will be told that the world is coming to end and the sky is falling.  It is not, and it will not.  As you see the changes in yourselves, you will know that for fact.

Reach out with your hearts and feel our presence around you.  We rejoice in seeing that as much as you do.  Good day to you now, my dear, dear friends.

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/8/12

To read in accordance information as it is intended, a channel must put aside any randomly scattered thoughts and memories and focus on nothingness, as this is the proper way to receive information from conscious higher dimensional sources as opposed to pulling in information that has been stored within libraries of knowledge throughout this universe. There are many of those who are channeling information at this time, and many of these individuals are funneling information from these vast libraries that are located in many different areas and through the many dimensions. These individuals are then sharing this information with others as if it were sent to them from conscious, higher dimensional beings to share with those of your world.


This is not the case, as the records that have been preserved within these libraries are meant to be shared with you at a time when they can be shared with you properly, in the right order and in some kind of cohesiveness, by fully trained and experienced channels who have gained the proper authority and learned the proper usage of this vast wealth of information and knowledge. We do not wish to see at this time channels who have not gained the necessary experience tapping into these libraries and sharing bits and pieces of many different collections of records and historical documents.


‘All things in good time’. These are very wise words indeed, and when it is the proper time we will demonstrate for you how to properly and effectively withdraw information from these faults of records and how to better correlate this information and perform necessary checks and audits of this information to make sure it is being extracted correctly and in its proper order. Any other means of extracting this information will only yield inaccurate records, documents and historical accounts. Anyone not fully trained and experienced can only withdraw information from these libraries in this way.


What we are saying is that anyone of your world at this time withdrawing information from these vast vaults of knowledge and recorded information is extracting this information improperly, as they cannot be extracting this information correctly as they have not received the proper training to perform such a task. If a being has not received the proper training to perform a certain job function and has not amounted adequate experience at the mechanics of the task, naturally, they could not perform the task adequately or with any kind of competence.


Today here in your world there are many individuals who are extracting this type of information without the proper training and experience, and therefore they are not extracting this information properly. There are many of your world today who are reading this type of information extracted by these individuals and are believing this information to not only be factual, but to be highly accurate. This can be a dangerous process, and this is not conducive to our mission here at this time. What this is amounting to is counterproductive, and we wish at this time to make it very clear how this information is being extracted and how inaccurate it is.


When we read the words shared by certain individuals who are channeling information in this way, we can barely comprehend what historical period or which historical people or place these channels are even speaking about. We struggle to put the pieces together to try to adequately comprehend just where these channels are gathering these bits and pieces of information from. This information is so highly inaccurate that very often we cannot trace it back at any level of accuracy to come to some sort of conclusion where this information was pulled from. Do you see what kind of problems this can and is presenting at this time here in your world?


There are channels that are presenting information as if it is a part of your history here in your world and which affects in some way your current and future affairs. This is in no way the case, as virtually all of the information extracted from these libraries in this fashion is highly inaccurate and makes very little sense whatsoever. It is as if millions of different jigsaw puzzles were mixed together, and then this vast pile of puzzle pieces was divided among 1 million individuals who began to try to build some kind of picture from the few pieces that they have collected, which are barely enough of one-story to piece together any kind of factual event in the history of this universe.


We, the Galactic Federation of Light, speak to you at this time of this matter as we feel it is very important for you to understand that when you are reading information from certain sources that discuss the past history of your universe, that these tales are nothing more than scattered, mismatched and inaccurate pieces of information borrowed from many varied sources of information that may be stored in many libraries throughout this universe. We ask you not to take this information seriously and read it as if you are reading accurate and historical accounts of the history of the universe in which you live. You are not. You are reading a fictitious and nonsensical tale strung together with assorted pieces of scattered information that even individually can have no meaning for you without the bigger picture being assembled for you.


We will assemble this greater picture for you in the days ahead when we can speak to you personally, face-to-face, and perhaps one day through the use of your media outlets. It will be at that time that we will paint for you an accurate portrait of the history of your universe. Until that time, please use great discernment when reading historical accounts being shared with you through individuals who have attained this information through the means of channeling. This is not to say that we do not wish for you to continue to follow the messages that have been carefully written by fully conscious, higher dimensional beings and presented to you through channels.


We wish to make it clear that what we at this time are saying is to disregard information that is presented to you from channels who are extracting information of the history of your universe through various records stored within libraries throughout your universe. The information that we are passing to you at this time through certain channels we feel is very important information for you as individuals and as a collective, and we wish to continue to share information with you in this manner. The information that we are sharing with you in this way is not information that speaks of the history of your universe, of wars, of intergalactic politics, of treaties, or of colonies. Instead, the information that we are sharing with you consciously through certain channels is information about the current circumstances of your world and of your futures, not of your past.


There will be plenty of time in your futures to learn and study the events of your past. This is not the time for this, as what matters is what is now. This is what matters at this time and we wish you to focus on this, for what happens now is your future, and we wish for you to build now the better future that deep down inside all of you desire for yourselves and every living being around you on your planet. What we desire is what you desire, we do not wish for anything else, and we will do all that we can to make your individual and collective visions become a reality for each and every one of you.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


As channeled through Greg Giles


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