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Chapter 20, The New Scriptures as Written by Jesus/Sananda

Chapter 20, The New Scriptures as Written by Jesus/Sananda
It is time to look forward with new eyes. You have lived through the Darkest of times on Planet Earth. The cloud is beginning to lift. You will all learn to sing and dance again. You will experience lighthearted fun even better than when you were young. You will remember how difficult it has been in recent years and the contrast will create such relief and joy, you will not be able to stop smiling. You see, from where we are in higher dimensions, we can see all the timelines leading to your future, and they all point to Ascension.

You are beginning to understand the deeper meanings of what Ascension really describes. Of course it means rising up, lifting, moving upward, but it refers not only to the physical event but also the emotional and spiritual feelings you will experience when you raise your vibrations to a higher level. This is the important part – the state of your heart.

It has been a long, dry period for humankind. You had lost your connection to your adoring Creator, who is Love. You had lost the happy connection to Mother/Father God because so many were taught to fear the judgment and punishment you felt were inevitable for your “sins.” Ironically, the idea of “sin” was created by the Reptilians, who wished to instill fear in the hearts of all humanity in order to gain control over people’s feelings. Once a person is living in fear, they are easy to manipulate. They will work hard to avoid pain and punishment.

The irony of this situation is that the things they chose to identify as “sins” were so much a part of every human being’s normal state that it produced a dilemma which is impossible to overcome. Until recently in the Western world, and still pervasive in the East, is the unfortunate fear and dread which young people have felt when they experienced a sexual attraction to one another. Rather than celebrate their deep response to one another, they feared disapproval of it from all their elders, who would predictably offer dire warnings and disapproving glances. Love was separated from the sexual expression of love, and a new dichotomy arose in relationships. It became common for individuals to experience love without sex and sex without love, but rarely the two combined.

Other dilemmas were created when people became convinced that anger or disapproval of any kind should be completely banished, even to the point where self-defense became confused with “sinful” aggression. This was a convenient ploy which was used by the abusive Powers That Be who wished to disempower anyone who might be inclined to fight back to try to regain their freedom. It is a mind-twisting trick to convince a person they are bad for defending themselves, for rising up against an oppressor.

It was a large part of my teachings to help people learn to express Love in all their relationships, and it is still the goal of our work toward Ascension. However, you begin as an infant who needs tender direction and acceptance before you can learn to accept all your feelings, all your impulses as a part of your glorious human makeup. Only then can you learn to manage the normal responses to life, which to a child include frustration, anger, envy and fear. These feelings can be brought into balance with steady support and kind direction – especially when it comes from an adult who is simultaneously modeling patience, affection and a long-range perspective.

This kind of teaching is nearly nonexistent in the cultures of the Earth realm. Here, we hope to correct the tradition of intolerance and judgmental condemnation toward the very things that make you the brilliantly creative and powerful human beings you are. Those who stand in judgment of others pretend they are doing God’s work. We must begin with the need to relieve your feelings of shame and guilt for small transgressions and idiosyncrasies which, I assure you, are not the province of those who stand at the Gate of Heaven.

Shame is a toxic, destructive emotion. It is not the same as regret or remorse, which is based in a deeper integrity, the echo from your Higher Self. Remorse reflects a conscious concern for being in alignment with the Greater Good. Shame, on the other hand, is created by the fear of what others think of you, and can be largely unconscious. Those others who define you may or may not be accurate in their view of the world, and they have mostly misunderstood what God stands for.

I come as teacher, friend and brother, to speak The Word of God as I feel it in my heart, as I hear it in my ear, and as I see it with my own eyes. Yes, I am the son of God, but I am not the only Son. We are all born of the Love of our Creator; there is no other beginning. We all will live together throughout eternity, in the Unity of One. Unity requires no recognition on the part of those who are joined; it simply is, it cannot be otherwise.

Are you comforted by knowing that God loves you? If it does not produce in you the feeling of euphoria and peace, then you are not allowing the Love to flow into your heart. In your heart is the chamber which holds the secret to all fulfillment; we have called it your heartmind. There in the depths of your heart are the intelligent cells, made up of the same genetic material as your brain, which allow you to feel Truth deeply, and to register the electrical signature that is Love. Some call it intuition, but it is much more profound and complete than the phenomenon you call a “hunch” or a “gut feeling.”

Work with me now to reactivate the receptors in your heart which will allow you to receive Love, and with it the deep knowing that comes with being completely connected with your Higher Self. You see, this configuration produces a total experience. It includes heart, mind, and Spirit, and it is a neurological structure which could be identified with scientific instruments if your instruments were more sensitive. Your current measuring devices are able to show the energy flow in a person whose receptors are fully activated, but your scientists do not yet understand the meaning of this subtle energy.

Now, I said you will connect with your Higher Self. This is what you might call the third point in the electrical energy connection. Begin with your heart. Feel the powerful energy emanating outward from your heart center. Notice the direct line, like a power cord, to the center of your brain. There in the center, you will feel the power of being the I AM Presence – the conscious awareness of being present, alive, and in command of your entire life experience.

You will then experience the awareness that Your I AM Presence is activated by being linked with your Higher Self, the essence of your soul, which is located just above your head. This is the essential connection which allows you to live in multidimensional awareness. It is your direct connection to God, to the knowledge of your many past life experiences, and to the constant flow of Love which is the fundamental essence of the Universe.

This, Dear Ones, is your road map to enlightenment. Practice every time you feel a new breath entering your body. Practice when you walk across a room. Practice when you sit down to eat a meal. Practice when you smile, when you look upon a child, when you take a shower, when you feel the sun on your face. This is the path to what you have called mindfulness. Keep practicing, and you will feel my presence beside you, my hand on your shoulder, cheering you on.

You may find it easier to begin by acknowledging your Higher Self energy, bringing it downward into the center of your brain, following the flow of Light which pours down on you from Prime Creator, from the center of the Universe, the great Central Sun. Let it flow directly through your Higher Self down into your brain, along the pathway of your inner channel of Light. Trace the energy as it flows through you, down through your throat, along your spine and into your heart area. There it ignites the fire of your being, the wisdom of the ages, and the essence of your I Am Presence. You are Home.

Once you feel that three-part connection, you are now experiencing the Truth and the power of your human existence – the ability to live in complete harmony with your environment, because your inner environment is that of Love, Light and Unity. I rejoice as I observe so many of you working to make this your reality. Forge ahead, Beloved Ones. You are learning the lessons of the ages, and you are stepping into your Destiny, your birthright.

Reach deeply into yourselves, and keep going deeper until you find the place in yourselves where you can feel endless love for the young child you were, for the conscious self you have always been, and for the expanding being you are at this moment, growing, learning, evolving and perfect in your ability to change. All the Universe is in the process of expansion and change. You will expand along with your dear Mother Earth, for it is your path to be the explorers, creators and inventors. Be daring. Leave old ideas and old patterns behind. Reach for the stars, and the stars will reach for you.

The time for Unity, reunion and joy is here. You will soon be joining in glorious celebration with your Star Brothers and Sisters. Alert your friends – even the skeptics and non-believers. Tell them to watch the hundreds of videos on the internet which show the lights and movement of starships. They signal to you, with red, green and white lights; they are eager to offer their greetings. Soon you will meet again.

I send you blessings and love. In great expectation for a brilliant year-end far better than fireworks or promises, I am your Jesus/Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, October 20, 2013.



Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 22 August 2012

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 22 August 2012

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You can be sure that there is nothing to worry about where the dark Ones are concerned, because we have aborted many of their attempts to cause trouble. We have contained their activities for some time now and intend to keep doing so. They are staring into the abyss of oblivion and there is no escape for them. Their empire is slowly crumbling and there is no way back for them. We do however closely monitor some individuals who of their own accord still exercise authority over their minions. On all fronts our allies are making good progress, and many issues could well be finalized by the end of this month. Meanwhile you are awakening at much quicker pace, and your awareness is another reason that the Light is ever increasing in its power.

With your comprehension of what is taking place behind the scenes, we are pleased to note that there is less concern about the delays in making our activities public knowledge. You now know that the path to your Ascension is progressing as intended, and anything else is by comparison less important. You will in good time learn the truth about the agenda of the dark Ones, and more to your liking details of the wonderful life that lies ahead of you. Many of you are already quite knowledgeable, but nevertheless there is much that can be added that will give the complete picture. We will not however dwell upon the negative as such matters will be destined for the history books of your civilization, and available for your deeper consideration in the Akashic Records. Everything that has ever happened is recorded in its original detail, and any part of it can be re-lived if that is your desire.

We know that waiting for significant events that you expect any day now can be tedious, but you will have your day of satisfaction and excitement. You can after all see evidence around you of the changes, and even more is going on that is not apparent. The arrests of corrupt officials is spreading, and some are already fleeing and trying to avoid the consequences. It does not matter what steps they take to avoid justice, in reality there is nowhere to hide. So please do not waste your energy by becoming angry at the individuals concerned. Your future is far more important than theirs, and that is where your focus should be. It is not that you will be unable to fit in immediately, but the whole experience will be much more exciting and understandable.

As you enter the final weeks we will give you more details of how to prepare yourself for the changes that Ascension will bring. However there is nothing that will cause you any distress or inconvenience. It will be like stepping out of the Dark Ages into a dreamland where everything is set up for your enjoyment and happiness. It will not be complete and some changes will still be required, but you will have had all aspects of lives present drudgery removed so that it becomes most enjoyable. There is so little time left and that is still speeding up, so try to keep your attention on the great future that awaits you. It will be well beyond anything you can imagine, and perhaps you will consider that your personal changes will be the most acceptable.

To move from your present physical body to one that is of the higher vibrations will be a wonderful feeling. To be free of all of the aches and pains often associated with your present one, will be so uplifting. The level that you will move into has such high vibrations, that your body will be unable to carry forward anything less than the perfection of your original blueprint. Your awareness will be heightened and your perception of things sharpened. The body will no longer tire or suffer fatigue such as you do now, and consequently you will no longer need lengthy sleep periods. You can take recuperative measures if you need them, but will also re-energize from the very environment you are in.

Your present low vibrations and those around you are in fact very heavy, and you need sleep to restore your body. However, as your body cells continue to change to crystalline, your body will become more in line with its new pattern. As a result it will start to need shorter sleep periods to recover, and some of you are noticing it already. In fact sleep patterns will move out of a regular pattern, and you will find yourself able to exist on much less. A similar change is also occurring where your eating habits are concerned. You are needing less and your choice of food will turn to those that are fresh, and unadulterated with chemicals and additives.

Your body is a temple that when treated correctly will serve you well, and rarely if ever experience illnesses. If you feed it with junk food you end up with junk health even if it takes time to reveal itself. You may be young and healthy, but continual abuse of your body will eventually take its toll. In older age you are liable to get the collapse of your major organs, and it is will be hard for them to recover. The good news is that as you lift up your vibrations, you are less inclined to be drawn to the heavy foods such as red meat. Follow your bodies reactions to what you feed it, and you will soon learn how to treat it sensibly and to your advantage.

Think about what you want out of life, and know that you will find more happiness and satisfaction when you are looking after yourself correctly. It also goes as far as what you occupy your mind with, as some of you follow unhealthy paths that simply pull your vibrations down. That in turn attracts similar vibrations and you are likely to drop even further, thus damaging any chance you may have had of lifting up in time for Ascension. We know that some souls just do not seem to care what happens to them, and clearly they  need a lot of help. As we have often reminded you, no matter what circumstances you are in there is always help nearby. So please ask for it and it will come to you in some form or another, but do not necessarily expect it immediately.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that all of you have had so many lives on Earth, you should by now be able to benefit from your experiences. Go within and listen to your Higher Self and you will get good advice, but it needs to be heeded if you are to lift yourself up. On the one hand time is short, but you still have sufficient time to make a resolution to change and become what you really are, a beautiful soul of unlimited love. We wish you well.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Hilarion: Weekly Message July 29, 2012


Hilarion: Weekly Message July 29, 2012

2012 July 29
Posted by Andrew Eardley

Hilarion: Weekly Message July 29, 2012

As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – July 29, 2012


Andrew: Hilarion’s weekly message is normally posted by Alice – I am standing in for her this week and next while she takes a well-earned vacation.

Beloved Ones,

As the days flow one into the other, there is a freshness of energy that permeates all. This is a time of reconnecting to the Being that you truly are within and with intention, bringing the inner out into your World around you. All the answers that you seek reside within your holiest of holies, the sacred space within your heart.

There are many distractions that come to seduce you from your path and it is important that you be in touch with your own power and your own part of the Divine Plan. What is right for another may not be right for you so we counsel that you be true to yourselves.

Many times it has been said, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will follow” and this holds true today more than ever before. You will never be led astray if you follow your inner guidance, for you know then that your path is safe, your path is perfect for YOU.

By aligning with your Great I AM Presence, your OverSoul, you strive ever to reach for the stars and become the manifestation of your highest vision. This, many of you do, with great dedication and we say, do not give up just before the dawning of all that you have held dear to become manifest here on Earth.

As the bridges between Heaven and Earth, you have helped and are continuing to help, shape the destiny of the World that you live in. Every single thought, word, action and deed has an effect on the general consciousness that prevails upon your Planet and by choosing to keep your thoughts on the highest vision, you bring to your World a new template upon which the new World that is dawning will base its precepts. At this moment in time, it seems that you are as fish out of water, moving against the current of prevailing thought forms and established patterns.

Each time you succeed in overcoming this stream of consciousness, you set a new standard that frees those around you from the dream of their lives.

Sometimes it is not easy to walk this Path of Light into the unknown. There is familiarity in the status quo and it can seem comforting to abide in this space for a time but you must persist in maintaining your highest visions for the World you desire to create and live in. A World that meets the needs of all, where everyone has their basic requirements for life met without eking out an existence which does not leave room to explore the magnificence of your true Self. This is the Self you must now talk to and bring into greater prominence in your everyday life. Call upon this greater and higher expression of you to come in and manifest in your daily life.

Your Higher Self has created the matrix of energy around you that will open the doors to a greater union with this Divine aspect of your Human self. It remains now for your conscious intent and willingness to align with this newly created field that vibrates at a greater level than before.

It is your will that needs to align with the greater Will and surrender in trust to the glory of God that resides within you. Make this your highest intention at the beginning of your day and all that needs to manifest will do so. Walk ever in God’s grace, Beloved Ones, for you are blessed beyond measure.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion


©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. www.therainbowscribe.com


Yeshua ~ Abide by the Light ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ June 28, 2012


Greetings all beautiful Beings of the Light! I send you my Love and abiding protection.

These are intricate and delicate times, dear Ones, times of decision of focus. The amount of Light and observance of the Light within you and without will be the tipping point to your journey to Oneness.

This is your moment, dear Ones. How will you play it? Will you choose to focus on absorbing and building on the Light from the great Central Sun and make it your World? Will you use it as building materials for visions and dreams for what you want in your life and your World? Will you start to see yourself as one and the same with Source and All That Is?

The moment of decision has arrived, and it is what you do with it that will determine your future. Are you concentrating on the Light and what you want to do with it? Are you constantly processing it through your Light Bodies, allowing yourselves to become more enlightened each moment?

Pay attention to your thoughts more than ever. Do not be swayed by others’ thoughts and actions. Go into your heart and listen intently to what your Higher Self and Source is telling you. You all have that ability and it will grow and develop the more you use it.

It is time to start using your gifts, your gifts of listening to your True Selves, of tuning into Source, of relying on your abilities to discern what is the Truth on your own; of feeding the collective consciousness with your dreams and visions that are only of Light and Love and Abundance and Freedom.

It is time to let go of any thoughts of regret or revenge for what has gone on in your world of duality. Remember that you set that up to learn and to grow. Take the lessons now and move forward.

Create your new World from the whisperings in your Soul, of your remembrance of a state of Oneness, of Love, of Light and of Abundance, and of full connection with each Soul feeding the wholeness of Source, arising from and giving to it; of pulsing with it; of letting the Light overtake the darkness and seeing it as done.

Live in the World of Light and Love, dear Ones. BE that World of Light and Love, and bathe yourselves in it. Feel us of the Spiritual Realm beside you, enforcing your courage, giving you comfort as you carry on with your visions and dreams and intent for a New Earth that is unequaled in history.

Let the static and interference die down that is of the dying essence of duality and embrace the possibilities and realities you are now creating with your tenacious adherence to what your Soul remembers and wants to live in, and for, again.

My dear Ones, you are embarking on a fast moving train to Ascension. It is imperative that you do and think only what will expand the Light within and around you. Be that ball of Light you are starting to see in your meditations. Expand on it. Be it. Infuse it. Embrace it.

Reach out to others from that place. Reach into your Selves from that place. Be the ball of Light of Oneness, now and forever. Start to allow your experiences with duality to be absorbed by the Light and transmuted by it until they are a distant memory and do not rule your day. Let Love for yourself and others rule your day. Let thoughts of how you can affect others with your Light rule your day. Be absorbed in it. Abide By The Light, dear Ones!

Put down what you are carrying that distracts you from your purpose. Stay in your Center and breathe. Lightworkers, stand up tall and unwavering now! Hold the space for others to follow, for others to join you. Be at Peace. Be the Peace you wish to see. Do not waiver from it.

My dear beloveds, you have come such a long way, and we of the Company of Heaven do not miss for a second all you have accomplished as well as the struggles you have gone through to get there. Please keep on going. You are almost there.

With all my Love and support, I walk with you on this beautiful journey of your Awakening,

Your loving brother, Yeshua.


Thank you to Yeshua.

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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Jack’s Corner – The Rainbow Ray and the Rhinoceros

Jack’s Third Message/The Rainbow Ray

In my first message, I released the energy of Abundance and a Matrix to dispel the fear of scarcity.  In my second message, I released the Holy Grail and the Divine Feminine, does it get any better than that?  Yes, my friends, it does.  And if that sounds a little egotistical, I will address that later.

In this message I will release more of the Divine Feminine Energy through the Rhinoceros as well as all of the Energy and Wisdom that she embodies of the Divine Feminine.   Remember that the Elephant, Rhinoceros and Lion are the Holy Trinity of the Divine Feminine, on land.

Invite the Energy of the Rhinoceros to be with you as you read my message…

The Rhinoceros is the link to the Scrolls of Knowledge.  She embodies all of the knowledge that is contained within the Scrolls and by reading this message you will begin to remember your own Ancient Wisdom through the portion of the Divine Feminine that she imparts by allowing dormant parts of your DNA to be awakened.  The energy of the Rhinoceros will begin to awaken 22 strands of DNA within your being.  Many have mentioned 12 strands of DNA which is what has been awakened within the human “front liners” whom have assisted humanity in attaining her current heights.  However, by awakening all 22 strands it will elevate your being even more and assist you on your path towards Ascension by remembering your Truth by allowing you to access inter-dimensional gateways, the Universal Consciousness, and your Higher Self.  When this occurs, it breaks your being free from the collective energy that has enveloped humanity almost since her inception.  The healing ray I offer is the Rainbow Ray, but more on that later…

So I’ve given away all the substantive information up front but there is more to come in this message.  I am going to take a short diversion to discuss matrices and healing embedded within text, music, art, and sound.

It has been found that contained within the Bible and many other ancient religious texts are prophetic matrices.  Specific messages can be found within the texts which provide divinatory information and this is referred to as the Bible Code.   Naysayers have tried to refute this discovery by countering that matrices can be found within Moby Dick and other such great works of literature.  Little did they know that in their egotistical attempt to disprove this revelation they were in fact confirming it.  Matrices of healing and/or divination are contained within all written text, music, art, and sound that originate from a Higher Source.   Leonardo Di Vinci realized this as he had a strong connection to the Universal Consciousness and this explains his farsighted inventions and creations.  Although his true brilliance is appreciated by some, soon the magnitude of the prophecy contained within his works will begin to be understood by many.

Have you ever read a book, listened to music, or studied a painting that touched your heart, allowed you to release emotion, stirred a nostalgic thought or feeling within you, or just simply conjured a new perspective?   This is the power that exists within all creative avenues that stems from a connection to the Universal Consciousness thru the Higher Self.   These are but a taste of the gifts of freedom, healing, and divination that are being offered and once you awaken to these joys you will begin to awaken to the myriad of others that are available to you.

The healing power of sound and music that comes from the Universal Consciousness via the Higher Self has finally been discovered by humanity but it has merely scratched the surface of its curative possibilities.  The reason I mention this to help you understand that all text, music, sound, art, or anything that is created as a result of a connection to the Universal Consciousness via the Higher Self has healing and/or divinatory qualities.  During a meditative period you can ask to receive the sounds, tones, and words that you need for healing and then just allow them to be released through your voice.  You may find this to be very healing and enlightening as it is a simple but powerful exercise.

Being in a balanced state to receive information from the Higher Self is analogous to the creative flow.  If one is in the flow then they are receiving an artistic influx from their Higher Selves which is their connection to their Truth contained within the Universal Consciousness.  Unfortunately, many who express themselves through their creative self have not been able to balance both sides of their brain and periodically operate in an unbalanced state which causes them to easily become overwhelmed by emotion that is negatively fueled by their ego.

Ahh, the ego…

So much has been spoken and written about this elusive entity.  It has been portrayed as an evil thing that needs to be destroyed or controlled by the conscious mind as it only brings misery and pain. That is somewhat true as the ego is a natural part of humanity that was put in place by the dark entities for one simple purpose:  to control it’s Collective.  However, in doing so, they also implanted a way for the individual to connect to their own individual Truth and the Universal Consciousness.  This by-product was not foreseen as the darkness simply thought they could use the ego to control the Collective through fear and emotion.  Because the ego absorbs all the fear and trauma that a soul is subjected to lifetime after lifetime it is through the ego the darkness speaks using all the effects that have ever occurred in your lineage to keep you within its grip.  This is why each individual has the same core issues that negatively affect each and every one of you no matter where you reside on the planet.   “I don’t have enough, I am undeserving, I am unloved, I hate myself”, and so on.  The ego can crush you in a moment by screaming in your ear how inadequate you are, or it can artificially inflate you by telling you how wonderful you are all the while you are really living in an illusion.   However, with that being said, please do not view the ego as something that needs to be controlled. Instead, view it as something that is incredibly valuable but very tarnished and needs to be cleansed.  While the ego can subjugate you into oblivion in a moment, it is also the key which allows you to break free of the Collective Unconsciousness.

Your ego is what makes you an individual and allows you to access Your Truth.  Your Truth is your individual key that connects you to your information that is held within the Universal Consciousness that is accessible through your Higher Self.  Again, your ego is what makes you an individual; it allows you to access the gifts that have been set aside just for you to use in this lifetime.  This sounds egotistical, yes?  But it’s not.  It’s individuality.  One of the wonderful things about being human is your individuality. The problem is that although this is supported in theory it is not maintained in practice.  Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine!  Others may criticize you but that is simply because they are operating from their own ego and you should not let this bother you.  In fact, you should take it as validation that you are on the right path.  If you follow your own path and can elevate yourself above such condemnation this means that you are supporting your own individuality and only those who feel threatened by it will protest.  Turn a blind eye to these naysayers and instead focus on those who will support you.

What is Your Truth?  This is the information that is yours, a little pot of gold that was set aside just for you before incarnating into this lifetime.  A personal bank account if you will.  Your Truth also allows you access to all the other information that is stored within the Universal Library also known as the Akashic Records.  In order to receive a consistent and pure stream from these sources the ego must be cleansed.  This is to ensure the removal of the negative programming and negative implants that have been incorporated into your being to prevent a clean and strong connection.   If one is able to connect to their Truth and the Universal Consciousness without an ample cleansing of the ego, the ego may taint any information received.  This does not mean that one cannot receive information from their higher selves without a completely cleansed ego, it just means that the cleaner the ego, the purer the information and the more consistent the flow.

Many, including me, have spoken of Ascension, but what is it exactly?  Simplistically, it is an uninterrupted stream of magnificence that results from a cleansed ego.  A constant connection to your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness that allows you to consistently access your own Truth, Healing, Wisdom, and Abundance.  This results in an almost constant state of joy, peace, and health that is not currently realized by most of you.  Imagine receiving a constant stream of joy and wisdom and in doing so allows you to connect to all the other beings that are in the same stream.  As you all gather together in this wonderful state, you elevate all of the souls around you and connected to you, seen and unseen.

Now, let’s cleanse that ego of all that hinders your connection to your Higher Self and the Universal Consciousness…

The Healing Ray I am sending will help you to cleanse your ego of all that hinders your ability to connect to your Higher Self in a true and valid way.  As the ego has tentacles in all of the energy centers, this healing ray is “rainbow” in color.  Back, gold, silver, white, yellow, red, emerald green, mint green, blue, ice blue, orange, red, violet, purple, indigo, and so forth, far too many colors to mention. Feel it, see it, know it, sense it, streaming into your being as it melts away all of the negative implants and negative programming that you have graciously accepted by those who have tried to thwart your progress and squelch your individuality.  Allow this energy to penetrate your entire being and lineage past, present and future, throughout all layers and levels of time and space and throughout all dimensions.  Keep the Rainbow Ray in your consciousness and allow it to stream through you consistently.  As the ego is multidimensional and has had many lifetimes to build up resistance, it will take some time to clear it completely.  If this energy evokes emotions or memories, let them pass through you unabated.  This energy works very subtly and you can have it streaming to you nonstop as you can’t over cleanse the ego; when it’s done, it’s done.  This ray is intended to heal not only you but all of those that are in your lineage past, present, and future.  It works at the molecular level by restructuring, cleansing, and awakening your DNA.

Now onto the Rhinoceros…

She is an amazing energy.  She has protection in the form of armor and little can penetrate her shield. She has power that she rarely needs to demonstrate but it is always there should she need to access it.  But the most wonderful thing of all that she holds is the Ancient Wisdom and she allows you the opportunity to know your own Wisdom.  She is the key to access your own individual knowledge and along with the Rainbow Ray and the cleansing of the ego, this will allow you to penetrate the veil and reveal unto yourself what is your own Truth.  The Rhinoceros to which I refer has two horns: One between the eyes and one protruding from the nose.  The horn between the eyes is symbolic of the connection to the Scrolls of Knowledge and Universal Consciousness; it is analogous to the third eye.  The horn protruding from the nose allows one to break free from the Collective Illusion by using your sense of smell to discern your own Truth.

This will allow you to break the bonds of the collective.  The ego has had many lifetimes to impregnate its darkness into your being and it will take persistence and perseverance to completely cleanse it from your being.  It is hard to say how long it will take to completely cleanse your ego, but don’t give up as it is your true independence that is at stake.  You can stream all of my matrices and healing rays at once as the more you heal, the more room you have to receive healing and it can’t be overdone.  Your Higher Self will not allow you to receive more than you can handle.

As your ego begins to be cleansed you will realize how others are operating from their own ego.  This elevated viewpoint will allow you to recognize your growth and see the ego that others project. You will then be able to use this new found perspective as a tool of discernment and not a gavel of judgment.

It is my hope that through my messages and healing you will soon reach a point where you can consistently access your own truth and not have to rely on anyone else’s, including mine, in order to validate your purpose, your truth, your knowledge, and reason for being here on Earth at this time.  It is my intent to help you realize that Healing, Abundance, Wisdom, and Truth are available to all and are no longer reserved for a select few.  I offer myself as training wheels until you are able to fly on your own!

A wonderful being named Cat Kresge-Breneman has  captured the Rainbow Ray and placed it on YouTube.  Below is the link to view it.  I have impregnated the energy of the Rainbow Ray within this presentation so as you view it, the energy will be working with you.  Enjoy, and many thanks to Cat!


Jack’s tips for success:

Invite the Rhinoceros to be with you as you stream the Rainbow Ray during meditation.

You can invoke these energies during down time such as watching TV or reading.

You can also invoke the energies while preparing for sleep and intend that it be with you while you rest.

You can also summon all of the energies I have released and have them all flow to you during mediation or slumber.  Remember that there is a safety valve built in and you can’t overdo it, so for those of you who are overachievers, this will keep you busy!

I feel the wonderful things that are occurring as a result of all of your effort and for that Jean and I Thank you immeasurably!

Happy Easter My Friends,

Many Thanks and Many Blessings

Jack and Jean

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 20 May 2012

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 20 May 2012

Beloved Ones,

Keeping yourselves grounded into the Earth’s core is the most important step to take right now. You are each here to bring your higher aspects into your physical body and it is important that you have a strong foundation upon which to do this. What you are seeking is within yourselves and not in the outer World. Allow a few moments each day to feel your heart pulse in rhythm with the Earth, for this will connect and attune you and the Earth, as your vibrational level is uplifted. Trust in your inner guidance as you go about your daily activities and follow the inner promptings as they occur.

Many momentous events are taking place on a Cosmic level and those who follow their inner guidance know that these are not ordinary times that you are living in. It requires steadfastness, courage, trust and perseverance to continue on your daily path when all about you it seems that everything stays the same. It is difficult to grasp the significance of the larger perspective and we advise that the best avenue is to go within each day and intentionally align with your Higher Self and ask for guidance and direction. By daily making this intention a conscious habit, much that is good will flow into your life.

More shifts and changes are taking place within the Earth which manifest as movements on the surface. These will continue to take place as adjustments are made in the Earth’s transition to a higher dimension. As these changes happen, feel Love, unconditional Love, for the Earth and all Her inhabitants and envision great Light streaming from within Her crystalline diamond core out into Her crystalline grids and out into the Cosmos. Keep your hearts ever attuned to the larger picture of the Divine Plan and remain calm and centered. As you stay centered you enable those around you to remain calm and peaceful and this is most helpful.

It is a time to allow the further opening of your heart chakras and to become consciously able to do this, for it is from this energetic portal within you that your personal Path is activated and becomes clear to you. This is important, for so many of you are situated in areas where the Awakening of Humanity has not yet occurred and so it requires the quality of faith and perseverance to continue on your spiritual journey seemingly alone and not understood. It requires Love of the highest kind to continue in this direction and not falter and each of you has this kind of Love in great abundance.

Let the inner Light that you truly are shine forth in these days of transition from World to another as this is very helpful to those around you. They may not see it but they do sense it on a sublime level. As your Higher Self and Great I AM Presence anchors more deeply within you, it then enables those around you to do the same and this can be accomplished in a much easier and smoother transition for them. Shine on, Dear Ones, for how could you be other than what you really are?

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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Archangel Michael and Yeshua ~ Be One With Your Higher Self ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ May 13, 2012

Archangel Michael and Yeshua ~ Be One With Your Higher Self ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ May 13, 2012

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Archangel Michael and Yeshua:

We bring you great tidings from the Spiritual Realm as we watch over you with deep pride and love. Nothing can take away the great progress and development you have accomplished. The light quotient is at an all-time high and we salute you.

Be prepared for massive shifts and changes, as we have been telling you. We would like to speak to you about your heart, which has been undergoing many changes. Massive downloads of energy have caused the hearts of many of you to open up in ways that you may not be totally aware of, dear ones. You may have noticed that you have lost interest in many things, and new interests are popping up. You may feel reluctance at letting go of old relationships and careers and old ways of doing things, because you identified deeply with it. You may feel like it is a betrayal and so you feel bad about letting go of people and things.

Keep in mind that the people and things in your lives are there for the purpose of awakening and once they have served that purpose, they are ready to be let go of. Be careful not to keep the attachment or to identify too closely with what you are letting go of. It floated into your life for learning, and after learning the lesson, you no longer have the need to hold on to the bearer of the lesson and growth. All that remains for you to do is to appreciate and bless it, and let it go.

More relationships will float into your life to replace those leaving, but the people and things leaving that have brought you the lesson are not really lost to you. They must be freed and allowed to move on. You have done nothing wrong in letting it all go. It is to your greatest good and theirs to become and remain detached. The essence of the love and lesson that came with it is still very much alive. You have just let go of the messenger, so to speak.

We tell you this, because you will be discovering more and more to let go of, and it will sometimes feel like an avalanche as things speed up in clearing out the 3rd dimensional framework. Your heart is becoming healed through all this; it is becoming expanded; it is becoming more and more your navigator in your journey home.

We would like you to be aware of your essence more and more. Tune into your Higher Self, which is integrating with you as we speak. Notice the subtle promptings and nuances. It is like switching over to, and staying with, a new operating system on your computer. Once you have committed yourself to the new program, the old one no longer works for you. Decide now to let your Higher Self and your heart be your new operating system from now on, with no temptation to go back to the old program of letting your ego make you doubt your course of action or your feelings.

With this comes a new reliance on intuition versus figuring things out with old systems of logic and rationalization. Make this your new motto: “I am my Higher Self and I relax into knowing from the deep levels of my Soul”. Be confident in this knowing and be One with your Higher Self.

Dear ones, you have come so far, and you have a little ways to go, but rest assured that your progression is magnified and electrified and multiplied every time you surrender and relax into the knowing that you are a magnificent divine being here with the sole purpose of awakening and helping others awaken. And it is your Soul purpose, if you pardon our play on words. Revel in this; be secure in this; be elated by this. You are arriving.

With our deep appreciation, we remain your loyal servants and comrades in Peace and Love, Archangel Michael and Yeshua.

Thank you to Archangel Michael and Yeshua.

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